Saturday, September 27, 2008

Horse people are horrible people

Thats right, even we hate ourselves!

I remember a few years ago we at our annual trail ride and one person forgot to pick up their poop with bags as dictated in the beginning of the ride.

Me: I told them to pick it up or they can't come on the ride next year!
Friend: it's horse poop just tell the people to kick it. It's just like grass
Me: we are not going to be able to have this ride again if horses are shitting and it's not being picked up.
Friend: it practically disintegrates when you kick it. Try it.

Angry person that has horse poop on the road four blocks from their house: If you are going to use the road pick up your horses poop!!! I don't want to hit it when I back out of my driveway.


We hate eachother, non horse people hate us we all hate us.

We are always squabbling about how mary sue always wins at the horse show and how so and so's horses were not braided right and shmoes horse was dirty and how bob knocked down the soooo simple cross rail.

Us horse people go into a tack store and we are bound to find someone to talk to. As soon as we turn our backs someone else walks in and suddenly we are the light of the conversation. Who knows what we said but sure enough it was something to do with our horses or our order of special feed with 20 salt licks and a fancy shmancy curry comb. I think it's because we are so jigh maintenance or because we love our horses to death.

All I know is I gotta go to the feed store to get wormer. I wonder if they threw out all those wormers that were 6 months out of date from last year?

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Anonymous said...

I use to live in a barn house that was located on the grounds of a horse stable. (I stay far away from horses at all times. But I was on the other side of the property where I didn't interact with them at all.) When a new person would rent a stall the owners would tell them to stay away from my area. Anyway this one college chick would walk her horse right through my nicely manicured lawn. She let the horse eat and shit on my grass and nibble on some flowers I had. But the real kicker was she'd tie her horse up to one of my shade trees and go off and clean its pen. I'm sure you can imagine how much damage the horse did to my grass in 2 hours time. I had asked her many times to stay away from my yard, but she'd laugh and tell me its really nice grass and he likes it. I was pissed. The owners even talked to her, but she'd be out at the stables during working hours when the owners and I would be at work unable to kick her ass. I told her many times wouldn't let my dog shit on someone's yard without cleaning it up so why should her horse be any different. I lived there for 5 years and that was the only incident I ever had.

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