Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Have you ever been elbow deep in a horse before?

It's ok, most people don't know how to answer that question the first time I ask.
But here's the appropriate answer.
Here I find the kind of friendship and laughter that makes you double over and gasp for air. When someone asks what was so funny you are laughing too hard to make a complete sentence.
(Just for reference, that's a really big syringe because we were floating teeth. Boys...)

I live happy, laugh lots and ride bitless often. In a tank top, every afternoon but when I have to do laundry. Be jealous of the tank top.
Me on my one instructors horse, Tanner. I put him in my bridle instead of his curb bit with tight chain. He is loving it.

But I have decided I could never live in Oklahoma.
Why? Well for whatever reason my allergies have exploded the whole time I have been here. My nose is doomed to be a constant waterfall. I itch and scratch and sneeze and cough over everything and anything.

Other than that I do enjoy it here. The weather, the horse owners... ok some of the horse owners and some horses (see some horse owners). I would like to add yet again, if your farrier suggests a certain amount of time to get your horses feet done in, take that hint. After trimming and shoeing countless hooves that have been left because "there's still some wear left in the shoes" or "he was out on pasture all winter and wasn't being used" just doesn't cut it. There is a reason for the horses well being and the well being of ourselves (hands, tools, back etc.) and why we suggest a certain time you get them trimmed or shod. /endrant

Only a few more weeks until I head back to ol' Canadaland. I hear a lot of people and a horses miss me.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday stills: Canine companions

I managed to find a fast enough internet connection to get a photo or two up this weekend for Sunday stills.

You'll remember this little devil from a few posts back. Hes grown in size a little.
Unfortunately he had to go home with his owner to Montana.

Fortunately I painted his toenails a sparkly shade of teal before he left.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Being a farrier can be hard work.
When it is 70 degrees out and your in a tank top in front and beside several burning forges. Or your horse is a spoiled brat because the owner doesn't believe in handling it's feet.

I know, the rest of you guys are buried in snow or sloshing around in rain and mud.

Bummer because right now I am sitting in the shade in a tank top enjoying this nice weather. Just got back from riding my instructors horse, bitless I might add. I was sweating wearing a tank top and his saddle pads were wet.
Just gotta rub it in.

Working with horses feet is hard work. I don't ever get up in the morning and say "today I don't want to shoe a horse or trim some feet" I love doing this, I should have done this a long time ago. My hands scream out, "Please don't hit me with a hammer or catch my fingertips on nails or squash them between something totally irrelevant to horses" that happens a lot. Murphy's law.

But in all it's a little bit of a rodeo around here. Being one of four girls in a barn full of 30 or so guys you gotta cowgirl up and roll with the punches, or hammer heads on various parts of ones hands, hooves to the backside etc.

You gotta have a little fun.

Sometimes at a cute furry ponies expense. For the record both of my feet were planted on the ground. No backs were swayed in the taking of this picture.

I apologize cute furry mini. At least your lamanitic feets are back looking somewhat normal again.
yup, white mini's. I am moving up the horse ladder. Indigo would be jealous though I think she prefers rolling around in the mud I hear we have going on back home.
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