Friday, January 27, 2012

Why I take pictures

Some people take pictures to capture memories they wish to remember, some to make money or get a reaction out of everyone else.

I take pictures to show someone the world through my eyes. Although they may be there looking at the same thing as me I see things differently than you or maybe someone else.

Sometimes I take pictures that in the moment away from the camera there was no emotion, only to look at the finished product and burst out laughing.

This accurately depicts Indigo's 15 foot personal bubble.

Sebastian tried to touch her, she was furious. Theres your Indigo fix for those who have been asking. Shes as fat an sassy as usual, only a bit more wild than usual. She spends every morning galloping across the pasture and bucking at Sebastian and snorting and blasting off in other directions. It's the weather, or lack thereof (winter).

Unfortunately picture taking has been a bit slow for me these days. My good, favorite 200mm lens has been sort of, sort of not working. It makes photographing anything that moves a bit difficult.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sole thickness and heel height

What does the toe, sole and heel have in common?

Well first look at the previous post on hoof/pastern axis.

When it comes to looking at a horses hoof a lot of owners do not go beyond if a horse has flares and the proper hoof/pastern axis but have we looked at where the coffin bone is in relation to the ground?

It is very possible to have a high heel and still have the same hoof/pastern axis. Is this the cure all for heel pain? Raising the heels? I believe not.

How many of you have gone out and looked at your horses hooves in relation to their conformation since the last post?

I leave you with this article, possibly one of the best I have seen illustrating how high heels affect all other parts of the hoof. If you have pictures of your horses hooves where we can go over hoof/pastern axis I welcome you to share them (anonymously if you wish) so others can learn from them. Please e-mail them to me

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