Bitless blog list

This is a page listing for other blogs and sometimes websites that are advocates of bitless. If you would like to be included in this please e-mail me with the following

To be eligible for your blog or site to be on this list it must meet the following criteria:

Must have more than one post about bitless.
Must be in favor of bitless riding/driving etc.
Must be able to type in bitless in the search function of your blog and come up with more than one post on bitless.
Does not have to be a blogger blog, any type of blog will do.
If you have a button/banner etc please submit it too!
I will review each and every site to make sure the content is relevant. 

Laughing Orcha Ranch 

Type of bitless bridle: Dr.Cooks
Type of riding: Trail Riding, Competitive Trail Riding (ACTHA)

Little Sora Story
Type if bitless bridle: Right now just a halter, or mainly a neck rope, but I am working on my own sidepull
 Type of riding: I ride Natural Dressage and hope to do some trail rides as soon as I have more access to them

Life and horses
Type of bitless bridle: Halter atm, planning to get an Enduro
Type of riding: Trail, want to get into gymkhana

A year with horses
Type of bitless bridle: so far only Dr. Cook's but I'm hoping to try others
Type of riding: trail and arena work of various types

Golden the pony girl
Type of bitless: Sidepull,rope halter, bridleless, and hopefully a nutural bridle soon!
Type of riding: Dressage

Lion heart horses
Type of bitless: indian bosal with sheepskin padding and my daughter (9 years old) rides her pony in a Barefoot pony bitless.
Type of riding: I train along classical dressage lines and incorporate clicker training with that, we also hack out. We no longer use any bits.

Honeysuckle faire
Type of bitless: Dr.cook
Type of riding: Trail 

 All horse stuff
Type of bitless: I used on Wa mare firstly a Dr. Cooks Bitless,4 years ago when i started to try.
Now, I use- a Nurtural bitless.
Type of riding: Trail 

Natural horse world, light rider bitless bridle
A site on natural horsemanship that emphasizes bitless riding and driving. 
The light rider blog 

If you blog about bitless or know someone who has a site or blog about bitless please direct them to this page to add to our resource for bitless bloggers.

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