Thursday, November 20, 2008


I've been doing freelance and just for fun writing for almost ten years now. I enjoy it almost as much as I do creating art. In fact writing is art. Instead of a paint brush and canvas I have letters and a blank word program...It's still blank.

Now, blank.

So I have this paper due. I am outlining braiding for shows and how to maintain long or short manes. It's got to be no longer than 1500 words. I have about 700 so far and so many ideas it's just one of those topics I could write a book on.

What can I say. I LOVE to braid and groom. I could braid manes and tails until the cows came home (which they do just around supper time, I love a good burger). I was just thinking, perhaps I should write a book on grooming and braiding. I love to teach, people love to learn. Braiding is art, writing is art, teaching is art why not have a book on art!? Braiding is a very old form of art. it's so intricate and requires patience, practice and skill. How many of you could use a practical hands on braiding and grooming guide? I can braid every style under the sun on a horse I can.

Heres something I whipped up in a minute on Indigo. Shes a little wind blown don't you think? It's a dutch braid or underhand french braid.

Every winter she grows this stick uppy layer of whiter hair over her mane. It kind of sticks up all over the place until about May of the next year when it starts to lie flat.

So anyway my canvas is still blank. I need words stat. Maybe i'll go braid tomorrow and get some inspiration. I hate winter. It's too cold but it's coming weather we like it or not. Maybe i'll migrate to Florida lol!

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