Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I saw my life flash before my eyes when....

I picked up a bale of hay and three sleeping kittens split in three directions. The fourth launched strait at my face and firmly attached itself to my eyebrows.

Yeah, all in a days work right?

I don't think it realized what was going on and either did I except there was a cat hanging off my face. Before I had time to think about beating it off it took off too and scrambled up the hay chute. I stood there for a moment wondering what just happened. Then I laughed and inspected my face for new holes. I don't know how the hell it did it but theres not even a mark on my eyebrows.

Oh that cat picture there, thats Squeaky. The cutest non-meowing (hence the name) barn cat EVAR!! He was totally in love with my dad. He died though as some barn cats do. He was damn cute though.


Anonymous said...

That would scare the crap out of me too.

It's always sad how short cats lives are on farms. Other than my only inside cat we don't have any roaming the farm. I'd get too attached then cry for weeks if something happened to one of them.

Sydney said...

One cat at a place I work has reached 20 and still going strong. She of course was spayed.

wolfandterriers said...

Many people I know have lost their outdoor cats due to the expanding coyote population! I'm all for inside cats. Last time I took my Siamese outside (I was holding her and talking to a friend right next to my front door) she PEED on me! I can't imagine what she would do if she could actually go outside...she would probably scale the outside of the house to get in the window!

Sydney said...

lol thats great. Reminds me of cats we had. I'll post on it.

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