Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday stills: Happiness is...

A horse of course!

So I can elaborate a bit right? (the images of Indigo and I are not mine and property of their respective photo takers who know who they are)

A bitless (sometimes bridleless) horse.

That I can ride.

And also drive. Bitless of course.
I love that stud cart. It rides like a dream.
I love my Indigo even though yesterday I could have strangled her. She had a small fit in the round pen when I was giving my youngest Nephew, Noah a pony ride. She got a big what for after that and decided it was best to listen to the woman who rations her food and especially, her treats.
I also love the rest of my horses (and mr.pony) and all the horses I work with and have worked with. I think I could recite almost every horses name, breed and usually age from way back when I was young. Yet I can't seem to remember people's names of who I meet. Hah. Horses mostly make me the happiest. Whenever I am sad I just hug a horse or pet a horse or feed a horse or shovel some horse sh*t. I guess everyones vision of happiness is different.

Happiness is also a new camera lens, a Nikkor 55-200mm.

Here are my three wonderful Nephews, Zach (top), Seth (middle) and Noah (bottom). (click images for full view) I had a very busy day yesterday watching them wile my sister and her husband were gone to a wedding. The boys were so excited their Aunt Sydney was coming over to watch them they booby trapped the coat room just for me. That is a usual when they know I am coming over. They are either hiding or booby trapping something just to try and scare me. I can get these three going really good. My sister always yells at me to not get them wound up but I can't help it. Theres just something about a big adult that will horse around with them and take them out to the barn and then get them slushies and THEN bring them to see cloudy with a chance of meatballs in theaters. Quote from Noah as we are leaving the movie theatre parking lot "your the bestest aunt ever!" Hes so funny.
For pictures to get them to laugh hysterically "dad has furry buttcheeks" does the trick quite nicely.

Zach and Seth are twins. Fraternal of course as you can see they are two completely different boys.
Zachery is tall and lanky and seth is short and muscular (yes for an alomst 9 year old hes got a 6 pack it's so cute) They both excel at sports and last year their travel hockey team won all of Ontario! Thats a feat most kids can only dream about, much less on their first year they can join the travel team.

I had them the whole day. My sisters present is a really cool picture frame filled with pictures of her three boys. They posed themselves for each picture so it's authentic or I caught them on the fly, which is not easy when they are chasing cats in the barn, swinging from fences, jumping around off the big round bales AND trying to figure out how to start the tractor. They did just settle for sitting on it and acting like they were nascar tractor driving.

Of course since they are boys I get lots of silly pictures like these.
Noah at the top of the round pen fence showing off his muscles and roaring at me.

Seth in the hayloft window. He scares the crap out of me sometimes he does before he thinks and it's landed him in emerg a few times. He kept on insisting to try and convince me to let him jump out of the window. I don't think so mr. bull in a china shop I am not bringing ANYONE to the emergency room today!

Zach swinging off the tire swings broken rope.

So family, love, good health and humor also fit into this Sunday stills challenge.


flowerweaver said...

Those nephews of yours are the cutest! And they do look like a handful!

Sherri said...

Cute as buttons. Your pictures made me smile all the way through. Wonderful post.

June said...

Great horse pic, and WHAT a great bunch of pictures of the boys! Full of personality, and you caught it all!

Tammy said...

Yep, I've wanted to strangle my horse some days, too! Great collection!

Ed said...

Great shots, you deffinatly have a talent for portrait photography. Love the cart pic..:-))

Sydney said...

Thanks for all your comments.

Paint Girl said...

Love the pictures of your nephews! They are so cute.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Great posting. Those boys are sooooo cute! You took some great photos of them too!

One Red Horse said...

Looks like your cup of happiness is plumb overflowing. Love the shots of your nephews. Boy Energy!! Cracks me up every time.

Anonymous said...

the first photo is an excellent action shot
the rest bought a smile to my face :)

CTG Ponies said...

Great pics of the horses and the boys!!

LadyFi said...

Great shots - especially of those boys. You can see they love each other.

Cathy Clementz said...

First, thank you for joining my blog and introducing me to bitless horsemanship. Isn't this the way the Native Americans rode anyway? I had never heard of this before.

Since I do love horses (no longer have any of our own) and do love photography, I am glad you found me so now I have found you!!

I don't get a chance to visit everyone's blog every day and I don't always post a comment when I do, but I will try to stay caught up with you!

Wonderful shots, especially the "smiling" sheep!

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