Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Have you ever been elbow deep in a horse before?

It's ok, most people don't know how to answer that question the first time I ask.
But here's the appropriate answer.
Here I find the kind of friendship and laughter that makes you double over and gasp for air. When someone asks what was so funny you are laughing too hard to make a complete sentence.
(Just for reference, that's a really big syringe because we were floating teeth. Boys...)

I live happy, laugh lots and ride bitless often. In a tank top, every afternoon but when I have to do laundry. Be jealous of the tank top.
Me on my one instructors horse, Tanner. I put him in my bridle instead of his curb bit with tight chain. He is loving it.

But I have decided I could never live in Oklahoma.
Why? Well for whatever reason my allergies have exploded the whole time I have been here. My nose is doomed to be a constant waterfall. I itch and scratch and sneeze and cough over everything and anything.

Other than that I do enjoy it here. The weather, the horse owners... ok some of the horse owners and some horses (see some horse owners). I would like to add yet again, if your farrier suggests a certain amount of time to get your horses feet done in, take that hint. After trimming and shoeing countless hooves that have been left because "there's still some wear left in the shoes" or "he was out on pasture all winter and wasn't being used" just doesn't cut it. There is a reason for the horses well being and the well being of ourselves (hands, tools, back etc.) and why we suggest a certain time you get them trimmed or shod. /endrant

Only a few more weeks until I head back to ol' Canadaland. I hear a lot of people and a horses miss me.


Now That's A Trot! said...

Yeah... Our resident sob story at work (28y/o, Cushingoid, toothless mare) gets hay wadded up in her cheek every once in a while, and I've been known to reach in and dislodge the gob. No speculum, I just hold her tongue to one side and go for it.

Ah, horses. So glamorous.

Good to hear you are (mostly) enjoying yourself. :)

lisa said...

You sure did make us jealous! (with the tank top) Looks like you are doing good even with the allergy.

Jeni said...

Allergies are a small price to pay for being able to wear a Tank Top !

Glad your having fun and I bet you really can't wait to get back to a certain flea bitten arab =)

Dom said...

I've been shoulder deep in the other end of a horse...

Paint Girl said...

Yeah, I'm jealous of the tank top! It's still raining here, possible flooding again!
I actually really liked Oklahoma, but I only have minor allergies.
I bet you are excited to get home!

Rising Rainbow said...

I was thinking there are a couple of ways to be elbow deep. I prefer not to do either, if possible. LOL

The tank top is good but the allergies not so much. I had trouble with my allergies when I was in Tulsa for Nationals. You'd think with it being a drier climate that wouldn't be the case.

I don't understand those people who don't understand their horses feet are growing whether they're working them or not. Just makes no sense to me.

achieve1dream said...

Yep allergies is one of the drawbacks to living in the south. I go through that every spring and fall for about three weeks each. Sucks.

I'm glad you're having fun and learning lots and still getting to ride while you're away. :D

Fantastyk Voyager said...

I actually have stuck my hand in that far to feel points on my horses teeth.
My vet went in much deeper when she was ultrasounding Annie.

allhorsestuff said...

Hi Sweetie!
Bet you're missed...within sumthin' fierce! Oh, it'll be great to get back!

Yesterday..to answer that question. Poor Pantz had a broken tooth...so rincing and feeling around that gaping hole, will be all week long. Poor thing. It was a shock seeing (hearing) the tooth being broken up and taken out.
G ood see you having bare skin!

Jen said...

So glad you're enjoying yourself; I'm sure you will be glad to get home though (and have a wonderful reunion with your four-legged furballs :o)

Grey Horse Matters said...

The weather and tank top would be worth the allergies to me. But I'm sure you'll be happy to get back to Canada and the horses missing you.

Crystal said...

Would be nice to be able to wear a tank top, but Im sure the time will come at home too, with a favorite horse of yours.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Good to see you post again..allergies really suck..you will be happy to get home:)

Michelle said...

Funny, I just saw an article about Oklahoma being one of the worst places for allergies. Glad you had (having?) fun though!

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