Tuesday, July 26, 2011

You won't hear me complaining

Last week we broke records for heat.
I really never remember it being in the triple digits here too often. Now before you all go getting your nickers in a twist we have horrible humidity here compared to a lot of places. Of course it's not as hot as say, Arizona. Something that is 95 here feels like 115 elsewhere. You sweat just standing still. The day I left Oklahoma it was 95 and I was just comfortable in shorts and a tank top.

Last Wednesday and Thursday were two of those scorching hot days. Wednesday had no breeze. At about 1 pm on Wednesday I looked at this thermometer inside one of my barns it says 104 Fahrenheit in the shade. Yikes! The cement was sweating, the horses were sweating. Standing in front of a fan just blew hot air at you and hosing yourself off just made you more hot once you stopped for 10 seconds. I found a little relief riding horses before 8 am or after 7 pm if the bugs didn't carry you away. This meant a lot of stomping, which meant some loose or lost shoes.
So on the hottest day, Thursday the 22nd of July, 2011 I get this call from a client it went something along the lines of she had to show her horse on Friday (the next day) and her horse lost one of it's sliders, which are crucial in the sport of reining. I asked her how long the horse had the shoe off, expecting to say she found it in the paddock that morning. She replies with "Oh Monday I think, maybe a few days before that". *insert the sound of me hitting my head off a solid object repeatedly* Yup, I'll be right over.
So after this is all said and done and I mop up my weight in sweat, I hose Indigo off who was also drenched in sweat. I was also extra kind and braided her mane since her neck under it was drenched with sweat. She repays me by immediately doing this.
Thursday luckily there was a bit of a breeze so it took some of the edge off the scorching heat. I went swimming in a pool that was as hot as the hot tub and still couldn't cool off so I decided to ditch my work boots and go for a bareback ride in the evening. Only my feet were tired and sweaty so I ditched my shoes as well.
Indigo always has had a thing for smelling boots. You get on her back and she turns to smell where you have been . Toes were quite intriguing.

Then of course when I do get home and drink a few gallons of water I start reading facebook. I have a love hate relationship with that site. I love it because I get to talk to and see my friends and family that live far away. I hate it because I have to read everyone venting about everything that's horrible and wrong with the world and people. Gossip, childish fights, passive aggressive statuses. I see on there a couple days ago a fellow rider complaining about riding breeches and how hard they are to peel off after a one hour ride. I piped up. I would gladly trade a pair of riding breeches and a one hour ride for shoeing 6 horses in jeans and a tank top with sweat dripping down your face and into your eyes wile you wrestle a horse trying to do the macarena on three feet wile you hold the fourth. We'll trade, then we can talk about who gets complaining rights about the heat.
Not that I am complaining, I would take his heat over winter any day.

Today we finally got a break in weather. I got a lot done today even managing an evening ride around 7:30 on my own horse.Can't summer stay around forever?


Shirley said...

It's the humidity that makes it tough, isn't it? Gals to see you are getting some riding time in though; cute picture with the feet.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

I'm sorry for all that summer heat your way. It's been in the high nineties most of the summer here but without much humidity we hardly break a sweat. Recently, we've gone into the monsoon rainy season and the humidity has gone up but the temps have gone down to the 50s at night so it's still quite bearable. It's hot days and chili nights out here on the high desert.

People seem to expect others to be at their beck and call, don't they?

Dreaming said...

We haven't had unbearable heat and I'm loving summer. I wish it would stay around longer... but I do love the change in seasons!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Love that last photo. Gorgeous! And so cute that Indigo was checking our your pretty little toes. My toes look more like a big flat-footed hobbits. My mare would probably spook at them. lol!

I hear ya about the heat. Hubby is living out of his truck in Phoenix while he works at the airport. It's been 125F and up and one day his LL Bean Alarm clock, which he keeps in his truck for naps, so he doesn't oversleep, showed 3:18pm, and then below the temperature gauge showed HH.H F.

John told me it meant, "Hotter than Hell" gah!
His toothpaste tube in his truck exploded last week and his germ killer gel formed a big bubble and blew the top off. That's crazy hot!

I'm rarely ever on FB, mostly for the reasons you mentioned. I do find it fun to keep up with folks who rarely ever blog, though. But I rarely comment, just click "Like", which is sometimes kind of awkward when you are doing that for a post where the person is ranting, raving, or crying about something terrible that happened. Am I saying I like that they are going through that turmoil? Or am I just showing support? It's really weird. FB needs more choices than just "Like". lol!


Jen said...

I don't mind the heat either; to a point. We've had some eye-crossing unbearable triple-digit temps here as well (seems to have hit pretty much everywhere at some point this summer :oP I can't imagine shoeing in it - BLECH.

While I enjoy "catching up" with everyone via Facebook, I have to say I tend to regard it as a bit of a black hole (as in if you are not careful, it will suck down huge quantities of your precious time ;o)

achieve1dream said...

I'm totally with you on preferring summer over winter, but I could use a break from the humidity. That's what makes it unbearable. The heat is awesome, humidity NOT.

I agree about FB as well. I try not to comment because someone else always has to outdo you (mention having a great day and they have had a better one or theirs was awful and you should feel bad for having a great day really annoying!) or it just illicits more complaining. :) As soon as a friend of mine mentioned I was using FB to complain I immediately stopped. Now I try to only post positive statuses.

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