Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The post with no name

Kinda like the horse with no name only I am not lost in the desert and the horses all have names. If they don't bay mare, chestnut gelding, crapaloosa, crow bait or dog food will do. Just kidding on those last two...Well it depends on what horse I am referring to.

Firstly I apologize. Honestly I feel horrible for not posting for almost a month! So, so, sorry. Won't happen again, I promise.

Secondly there's been a lot going on but it feels like nothing at all. Summer is almost over but I haven't accomplished anything other than working my butt off (quite literally). I don't mind the heat. I do mind the BILLION MOSQUITOES we seem to have this year. Ride in the heat and only get a little bit bitten. Ride at night to avoid the heat but get completely molested by the blood sucking winged buggers. I went up northern Michigan last weekend to my uncles and I brought bug spray...Only to not use it even when kayaking down the rifle river. Strange, usually the bugs are bad up there I guess not this year.

Flies have been bad as well. If we don't have rain that's pulling shoes off with a foot of mud causing the horses to step on themselves we have flies that make them stomp and stomp and stomp. It's rained lots here this year. Some horse owners I just plain want to thump on the head with my rasp. They tell me "my horses shoe fell off" I ask if the horse was in mud and they say no. I come to replace said lost shoe only to have a horse walk up with caked mud past it's knees. ^$*#&$(@*(#@)!!!!! But dumb horse owners are a topic for another post.

Maverick has also lost his marbles. I tried to tell him that bushes were not cows but he insisted upon trying to rope them anyway. (Yes I bug him about not wearing a helmet often. For his defense he does look very nice in that hat. I can just hope he doesn't splatter brains on that nice hat ;) ) Although he looks tiny that is not a pony he is riding. That is Sebastian the Morgan who is just under 15hh.

Tell me this is not the cutest thing to come across. I walked around the corner to see Maverick holding Savanah and petting her. They both stared me down with a look of "theres nothing to see here, carry on". She was totally chill just accepting his petting and strange way of holding a smaller dog. I am not sure he's ever had a small dog.
I told Savanah she was a traitor. She cocked her head to the side and wagged her tail like I said car ride, cookie, or something exciting.

I am embarking on an exciting new adventure soon. Indigo is coming with me of course. More on that later.
If you stick around with me a bit more I have a very fun contest and giveaway coming up so stay tuned. I hope everyone's having a good summer with lots of saddle time. Happy trails.


Shirley said...

Maverick makes that Morgan look like a pony!
The face flies here are super annoying but the 'skeeters seem to have died back a lot- probably because there's oodles of dragon flies right now.
Adventure? Do tell!

Jen said...

Glad to know you are still with us *laugh*. It's amazing how fast the time can shoot by between posts sometimes; don't sweat it. Not that I'm enjoying the drought, but the lack of mosquitoes is definitely an upside to not having any rain.

We have a terrific farrier, who is always full of trimming and shoeing stories that never cease to amaze me (he is, of course, polite enough to not name names ;o)

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Looking forward to hearing about your new life adventures.

Dreaming said...

Love those horse names! Kinda like naming your cattle Hamburger, Sir Loin, etc.

We usually don't have mosquitoes and they've been out here. We haven't had rain, so I have no clue where they are coming from. Last night I was the buffet table while trying to clean the paddock. They seem to know when your hands are full and you can't swat!

Can't wait to hear about future adventures!

Mellimaus said...

Good to have you back!

achieve1dream said...

That Morgan is gorgeous and definitely does look like a pony in that picture lol.

I can't wait to hear about your new adventures....

Not much saddle time for me unfortunately. I can't wait for Chrome to be old enough. It's annoying depending on others for saddle time. :)

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