Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hay is for horses

Another note regarding hay.

This is how we raked the 3rd cut of hay. I thought you all might be interested in some real horsepower.

At first we were not sure the percherons would be fast enough to make the rake turn but they did a fine job. Saved on diesel fuel. I guess the tractor would have been faster though.

We were very fortunate to get a 3rd cut. Most people were not even on their 2nd without rain ruining it. This only got half cut then it rained on it twice so that got ruined but we got a good enough window to get this stuff done because it was not cut like half the field was a week earlier. Phew, what a year for hay and crops in general. I can't count the fields that you can see water damage.
Don't go knocking hay prices until you are the one using your land for income.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Love seeing horses do real work, like they used to from days of old.

I can respect the situation regarding hay from the farmer's perspective, but I think it goes both ways. The farmers should also understand and respect those of us who are struggling to feed our own families and animals during such a depressed economy.

When prices jump from $13.00 for a 3-string bale up to $25.00 for the same 3-string bale in less than 12 months, it gets really difficult to justify keeping horses when you've got children to feed and other bills to pay, too.

Just sayin'.


lisa said...

I love watching the Amish when they are doing ground work with the horses!

Jame said...

Gah, I wish I was the one with the hands on the lines! That's a beautiful team of Percherons, for sure! Someday...sigh. And horses are better in so many ways over a tractor...speaking from experience! But I won't list the ways here, not enough room :P

achieve1dream said...

They are so cute! That's what my husband and I want to do for our pasture maintenance. Even if we can't make hay I'd like to be able to cut it to battle weeds. :) Now to find a working horse drawn sickle mower lol.

Hey could you please email me at storm_glory@yahoo.com with advice on the Nurtural bridle. I want to get one for Chrome, but he's only two and a half. When will I know how big his head will be? Is it as big as it's going to get? Thanks for any help you can give me.

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