Thursday, December 15, 2011

Eleven things

Because ten is such an even number.

1. Up until a little more than a month ago any rain here was the beginning of August. Talk about two inches of dust it was a complete mess.

2. The sky has decided to open up and dump a generous inch or three on us at least once a week.

3. The soil here is mostly clay. A little bit of rain means a lot of mud. The soil back home is sandy. Stuff dries up much faster.

4. I hate cold but I have to say I would rather see the ground freeze than this mud. It's like a slip and slide. I almost broke my darned neck walking out to feed the horses on a very subtle incline.

5. There were no inclines of any kind back home unless they were man made.

6. Self explanatory
7. The dirt on the spotted horse hindquarters in #6 has been rained on for two days before I wrote that. Rain, Y U NO WASH MY HORSE!?.

8. Those dots in the background are cows. Angus, Herfords and black baldies. I love cows. They moo and spook at things and headbutt eachother and groom eachother with their slimy sandpapery tongues. Sometimes I come out to feed and I find Indigo and Sebastian standing at the back corner of the pasture with about 10-15 cows standing on the other side staring back. Not spooking or fretting or anything that would mildly suggest the cows haven't been there until a few days ago. Just having some sort of silent conversation between equine and bovine. I imagine they discuss what it is like to be brushed and ridden by humans and how wonderful it is to be turned out on a field to eat the leftover corn.

9. Indigo routinely beelines to said field when I let her out of the gate. Sebastian has security issues, despite Indigo's regular attempts to thwart his company, he goes frantic the moment shes turned out in the yard and he isn't. Indigo could care less. He however follows her when I let both of them out to munch grass in the yard which makes the spotty horse, well, angry. She wrings her tail and trots off, nose to the ground. Sebastian follows, trotting sideways at his dangling lead rope. Hes not really scared of it he just hasn't figured out where that slithering noise is coming from when he moves.

10. Roughly the number of days until I head home for Christmas.

11. McDonalds hot beverages are more sugary than I bargained for like a lot of things in the USA. I might be up for hours now. It however makes me miss Tim Hortons that much more. I know the first thing I am doing as soon as I get over the border. Mmm iced cap.


Dreaming said...

Hmmm, so I'm thinking if the McDonalds coffee is gonna keep you up... you coulda gone on to #25 or so!!
Love the "Dirty" sign!
Oh, I feel for you with the mud...

Fantastyk Voyager said...

First, I love your classical music, it's been a while since I've heard the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Yeah, no rain is no fun. I have that clay based soil here and it does slick up quick.

Lol, on the DIRTY on Indigo. I hould try that sometime.

Dom said...

The rain is NOT doing its job... for sure.

Janice said...

Hey glad to see you back.I like the others got a kick out of the Dirty sign on Indigo. I also got a kick out of the Mare taking on the donkey....did she put it on the ground or is she just threateneing it?

Sydney said...

Oh she put his ass to the ground. She had enough of his crap trying to bite her over the fence she immediately decided he needed to be punished for his actions. He respected her opinions after that.

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