Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sole thickness and heel height

What does the toe, sole and heel have in common?

Well first look at the previous post on hoof/pastern axis.

When it comes to looking at a horses hoof a lot of owners do not go beyond if a horse has flares and the proper hoof/pastern axis but have we looked at where the coffin bone is in relation to the ground?

It is very possible to have a high heel and still have the same hoof/pastern axis. Is this the cure all for heel pain? Raising the heels? I believe not.

How many of you have gone out and looked at your horses hooves in relation to their conformation since the last post?

I leave you with this article, possibly one of the best I have seen illustrating how high heels affect all other parts of the hoof. If you have pictures of your horses hooves where we can go over hoof/pastern axis I welcome you to share them (anonymously if you wish) so others can learn from them. Please e-mail them to me


whisper_the_wind said...

The article won't

Sydney said...

Should work now? I only have phone for internet. Makes fixing things difficult.

Morianart said...

Hey, I wanted to say I love your blog. I've been reading it for a while...I just bought my first horse last spring and have learned a lot reading your blog. (I found it because I was Googling the Oklahoma farrier school)
Anyway, I've included you in my "Liebster Award" list; you can check out the details in my blog post today.

achieve1dream said...

Okay, ignore comment on last post. I sent you an email. Would appreciate your help with him. :) Off to read the article now.

achieve1dream said...

I can't get to the article either. Can you just post the full url in the comments so we can copy/paste? I know how difficult phones can be lol.

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