Sunday, July 20, 2008

A breakthrough!!

I just thought of something and it totally makes sense!

When offering the horse world a new tidbit of information we are often confronted with controversy and tradition.

You know, why do something that science can explain in favor of tradition? WHY!? Because it makes sense. I think this is why I get away with my ideas. I make sure I can explain them. I think someone stumped me once. I thought good and hard about the subject and came back two days later to the person and explained yet again.

Guys we can never give up. A revolution in horsemanship bigger than the horses themselves. They all deserve and want this option.

Bitless is for every horse, but not ever owner- Sydney Kotow

Yes, I came up with the phrase science over tradition being applied to horsemanship now I leap for every horse being bitless. By the way, I am not talking about hackmores. I would rather use a curb bit than a hackmore. They are painful pieces of equipment with the curb strap/chain right on the mental nerve.

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