Thursday, July 31, 2008

That scritchy spot

Every horse has one, you just gotta find it. Yep, that spot where you scratch and even the most miserable old brood mare melts and makes happy, twitchy lip faces.

I've been successful at finding it on every horse BUT Indigo. She loves being brushed. She yawns like crazy and makes droopy eye, happy sleepy faces but not that satisfying "thats the spot!" alert and feeling good face.

The other day I was doing belly stretches with her (make clawing motion on her belly to make her lift her back) She cocked her head to the side and her lip immediately started to twitch so I started to scratch and sure enough theres the spot. Around the spot where a horses belly button would be she really got into it. I had dirt under my nails but I finally found that sweet itchin spot. I wonder how long it's been itchy down there. Not like they can scratch it themselves, their buddies sure don't.

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