Thursday, April 28, 2011

I've washed my hands four times

And they still smell like thrush. Oh and I took a shower so they smell like thrush and shampoo.

Today so I thought was going to be a relatively event-less day. I really only had one thing planned that had a certain time. I felt like I had nothing to do and like usual when I feel like I have nothing to do I get swamped with more stuff than I should be able to do.

I was eating breakfast and puttering around when a friend called me. He had some horses that were in dire need of a trim and correcting. After a brief conversation I made plans on short notice to trim some horses later that day.

I cleaned out the rest of the calf barn which needs to be done by hand. I cleaned it maybe a week before I went to Oklahoma. Straw was added mostly every day so horses weren't lying or standing on soaked bedding and there is enough ventilation and stall dry added that it isn't a problem to go a few weeks. Well let me tell you about 14 weeks of two horses pooping (Sheba and Indigo) turned out to be a bit much.
When I was in Oklahoma I think I cleaned one stall in total. This meant when it came time to clean the shed I was totally out of stall cleaning shape. Sure I could wrestle and shoe a large horse but cleaning stalls just killed me. My old shoulder injury of the torn rotator cuff started throbbing. I admit I only got 2/3 of the shed done and quit and I've never quit. So today I finished it with the help of the broom eating horse, Indigo who seems to still have her taste for corn brooms.
The wind here is unreal. The back barn door blew off and the wind took the aluminum shovel right out of my hands! The good thing about wind is it will dry up the really crazy amount of rain that has occurred here. Who thinks I should go back to 95 and dry in Oklahoma? Meee!!

After finishing the shed I brought the spotty horse in to work on her feet a bit more. She was ouchy a little bit still but her soles are exfoliating more. A little visitor came to brush and sit on Indigo before I was on my way to my new job. Yep another job.

Right before I went to Oklahoma I got a phone call from the head instructor of our local therapeutic riding center. They just got a lot of money and a biiiiig government grant to build a new facility since their old one was being built up around just outside the city. I never handed in my resume, they hand picked me.

Long story short I came in a couple days and they hired me, part time for now but before long they said it will likely be full time. I am going to get my NARHA certification and teach riding and hopefully driving lessons. No one else in this county can compare to the program they run of over 200 students! So in August I will go to get certified which I am pumped about. They said if I take an apprenticeship for shoeing they will hire me on as a farrier when I come back to do all their horses feet.

After I was done there helping with lessons and tacking up horses I scooted over to trim some badly balanced feet. Ever seen thrush squirt out of a horses sole before? For the life of your fingers and nose I hope none of you ever do. It smells AWFUL! Hopefully the horses will be on a more regular trimming schedule this time. No pictures, it was too dark and rainy. Soon though.

It seems everything is falling in place, but the anti thrush stink soap.


Breathe said...

One word

Vinegar. Then wash up.

Great news about the riding facility! Congratulations!

Mrs Mom said...


Wait until you get a Really.Rank.Gooey. Abscess that literally comes squirting out of the foot. THAT smell will stay in your sinuses for oh.. couple weeks maybe?

Hey Sydney--- know how to tell when you are a true hoof care provider?

When you wash your hands BEFORE you go potty ;)

Susan said...

Yea, that thrush smell is awful, and I've never been around bad cases. A farrier we know here likes slight cases of thrush to help soften up flat feet so the soles are easier to peel off.

Sydney_bitless said... OH I've been there, done that with the abcess. I think I've been washing my hands before I go to the bathroom for years!

Shirley said...

The new job is perfect for you, sure beats cleaning stalls! Makes much better use of your skills. Congratulations.

lisa said...

congrats and so far I have been lucky enough not to have to contend with thrush and I am in no hurry to have to either!

Jen said...

Well my goodness girl, who's Polly Popularity this week?? *grin* Congratulations all the way 'round, that is awesome!
I wonder if a baking soda mixture [on the soupy side] would work? Takes odors out of the fridge pretty well ;o)

achieve1dream said...

Have you tried lemon juice (don't dilute and use a bunch lol) for the smell on your hands? I use it when I wear latex gloves, go fishing, get bleach on my hands, etc.

Congratulations on the new job(s). That's awesome!!

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