Monday, May 9, 2011

Who has a cute little ass?

What does a cute little ass, $50 and trimming horses have in common?

Any guesses?
Any at all?

It all starts with the cowboy, herein known as Maverick. (If you don't get this reference firstly go slap yourself, then go google it and finally invest in the series. A true classic.)

Though James Garner Maverick didn't wear a carhartt jacket.

Anyway back to the main issue here.
So Maverick was out shoeing and trimming horses.
Amongst the horses was this cute little dude.

Maverick knew how much I wanted a cute little ass to call my own, how much I talked about them and was the first to crack an ass joke at school when a donkey or mule came in. I was also usually the first to offer a trim for the mini asses at school when they came in because the boys were not fluent in ass whispering and often got their asses kicked.

So Maverick asked about said little ass. It so happens this little ass was a bargain, having come free with some rescue horses. At just $50 he was for the taking of the first poor sucker person sympathetic enough to give him a home.

He was a big sucker for ass scratches.
The cute little ass that is, not Maverick.
I won't lie, I shrieked with delight upon seeing this picture.
It was the ass scratchings that did it, I am sure.

So Maverick loaded him up and took him home after calling me and telling me he got me my cute little ass. Part of the $50 deal was he had to bring him home... that night.
Umm...Did you just send me a picture of someone riding in the back of your truck with said cute little ass?
Uh yeah mmhm.
I guess if the goose neck hitch is good enough to hold the trailer in place the cute little ass can't beat it up too bad if someone rides back there to keep him company, right? It's only a few miles home.

Well that night the cute little ass was let loose with Mavericks horses. Although the cute little ass is barely knee height he tore a strip off of every one of them. The horses will make a wide berth when this little dude comes a walking.

So moral of this story is his name is Pepe. He has already trained Maverick well, who promptly bought a large bag of horse treats specifically for him. He already knows where the small spots in the fencing are and climbs in and out regularly to see who is going to fork up his next taste of grain or a treat.
I think we might have the worlds smartest ass on our hands. We'll see how he takes to the harness and cart later this summer.


Sarah G said...

That's a cute little ass he has there. :D

Desert Rose said...

Well if that little ass don't beat all ass's I've seen!~~~

Jen said...

He is absolutely adorable! (a mini donkey is on my wish list too ;o)

Shirley said...

Uncanny likeness.... to James Garner!
So the cute Li'l ass and the cute big...cowboy both reside with you?

Dreaming said...

So cute!
I saw a baby mini ass - does that sound right? - at an auction. I had to sit on my hands!

MaryAshley said...

I just want to curry that little dude 'til kingdom come. Sweet ass!

Grey Horse Matters said...

What a smart cute little ass you've got yourself. Hope you have lots of fun together. Nice that your Maverick Cowboy found him for you. And by the way congratulations on your diploma(I read the cowboy link). I give you a lot of credit for doing that and completing the course. I'm sure all your critters will love having well trimmed feet.

Love James Garner (classy guy) and the Maverick series. Watched it when I was a little kid.

Jeni said...

You got me chuckling big time! However I was having a hard time determining which was the "cute ass" as they are both equally adorable.

Susan said...

Cracked me up. I know what you mean about guys getting their asses kicked when it comes to the smaller equines. It's like they're too macho to work on them, or they try to manhandle them and yea, they get their asses kicked, or their knees... Glad you got your donkey. That's one thing we don't have here.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Awww, too stinkin' cute!
Congrats on your new little ass. How're you gonna get any work done with that cute ass to play with?



achieve1dream said...

Oh my goodness!! I'll take two lol. So cute. :D

Far Side of Fifty said...

He has gentle eyes..but my goodness girl Missouri is a long way from you.
Who is moving? That little guy looks like an adorable handful:)

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