Friday, June 3, 2011

Time, ambition or lack therof

It finally stopped raining (I know someone slap me for saying that word). Most places are dried up but we are gonna get more next week according to the weather network.
I am so sick of mud and rain.
The bugs this year are the worst I have seen this time of year.
Every year on the dot it seems the may 24 weekend the bugs come out. Normally this time of year a quick wipe with some fly repellent and you are good all day. Not this year, oooh no. These flies are back with a vengeance. Sheba and Indigo have been hiding in the shed the last week. They eat their hay and skitter on over to hide in the darkness.
The flies usually aren't this bad until July-ish. First we have sturgeon flies, then fish flies then mosquitoes and last but not least the biting flies.
Driving Indigo yesterday we got completely eaten alive by mosquitoes. They are everywhere. I am really not looking forward to this fly season if it is already this bad.

One instructor quit at my therapeutic barn. I got extra hours. Although more time=more money I am not quite sure more time is available without me pulling hair. They gave me the other instructors hours. Plus now that the mud has seemed to clear up a little people are popping out of the woodwork for shoes. Horses are almost two months behind on training and conditioning because people can't ride in the mud. Reiners need sliding plates, barrel racers want rim shoes for traction, trail horses want caulks. This plus 4-H in our area. I am the only real leader. I have another girl who helps out and wile she does a phenomenal job I desperately need another leader who knows horses and can help me lead the club and teach these kids good horsemanship skills. We were supposed to have a car wash this Saturday but I had something like 4 or 5 kids showing up. I don't think so! I can go riding any time I want so it doesn't hurt me if they don't make the money for their year end trip. If these kids want their big trail ride they are going to darn well show up and do some fund raising.

I have so much to do here before I leave the first week of July for a little trip. I can't seem to find the ambition to do it. Since moving back home from Oklahoma 4 of my good close friends have moved 3 to 10 hours away. I feel like I get up in the morning, feed horses, ride horses, do stalls, ride more horses, drive/ride Indigo, trim horses, shoe horses, go home eat, internet, internet, play with dog, internet (note: should be cleaning or doing something mildly productive) sleep, rinse repeat. I need more random time in there for some non-horse related fun with friends but it's proving hard when no ones around or available. This summer looks like it's going to be a very boring one.

Now a word from the spotty horse:

"O hai"

"Something for me?"

"A cookie you say?"

"If you insist"



lisa said...

Oh, boy hope it isn't too boring for you! I know that summer is the most busy time of year for me. Nice to see the spotted horse ;)

Mary said...

House work! ugh. You really have a lot on your plate, I hope you can get a hand with all of it, and soon.
I was in 4-H with my pony and if we wanted to do anything or go anywhere we had to work for it, it really wasn't an option. One year we all went to Quarter Horse Congress, what a cool experience that was. But we raised the cash ourselves and it was that much more rewarding. I don't get it.

Jeni said...

I miss 4-H one of the most rewarding things of my childhood.

This weather is enough to suck the life outa ya - hang tough Syd and go find something fun to do!

Jen said...

We are extremely dry here and have matched record temps of 102 for the past few days (blech). I have a monster list of stuff to do over the summer; including visiting a friend that moved away (we're going to go for a trail ride :o)

from my front porch... said...

I just wanna smooch all over him!
Thanks so much for all the sweet comments about my Nana! I appreciate it so..
xo, misha

Crystal said...

Wow sounds busy there, hope you can find some rest time too. Our 4H club petered out, too much other activities and no time for it around here.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Yeah, some of your rain would be nice, but at least we don't have any flies or bugs now. Of course, the smoke blowing here from the Wallow fires in AZ are probably doing a good job at keeping the insects away, too.
Now that you're a farrier and you're also a barn worker, and you have your own horse, too, I can imagine it feels like you're breathing, eating, sleeping horses everyday.
Hopefully your vacation will be something away from it all and a little different so you can come back all refreshed. :)


Jessie McCandless said...

Indigo is looking good! It sounds like you are being pretty ambitious to me.... You've got a lot of responsibilities so I wouldn't worry too much--give yourself a break :)

To answer your question about my farrier Amber, she does barefoot trimming, so not sure that she's the Amber you're thinking of? She lives near Wichita and has a little girl. Not sure how long she's been trimming, but I had her help me with a foundered rescued mare four or five years ago, so at least that long....

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