Friday, June 8, 2012

I'll always have this in my first aid kit

If you haven't used Arnica or don't believe all us believers claims here's a photo to make you a believer.

This is a foot. If you notice the toes and side below the metatarsal area which you can't see well, is purple and bruised.

This was one day after it happened. It was sore but not unmanageable.
The injury was not shoeing related. Rocky had a bit of a meltdown about little Moose being haltered by me. Maverick was holding her when we should have tied her and she stepped on his foot and spun. I rubbed arnica on the metatarsal area. He had steel toed boots on and his toes didn't even get stepped on, the bruising is secondary. You can see the circular place where I rubbed Arnica and missed his toes, not even thinking they would bruise. Now four days later the bruising is completely gone thanks to this amazing product!

I've always used the gel. I find it absorbs better and doesn't leave a residue, heat or cooling sensation. The pain or swelling is just magically gone it seems. I've used it on horses, dogs and cats before too. It's something I have in both my tack box and the medicine cabinet. The best thing about Arnica is it comes from the plant, Arnica Montana, making it a natural product. Over here in the USA I seem to find it at walgreens consistently. So who has tried Arnica? Does anyone have any really neat bruising/swelling stories like this one? Please do share!


Dreaming said...

I have never heard of it before. I'll have to try it. I always end up with bruises.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Arnica is good stuff!


Janine said...

I use it almost everyday!!!! Since me or some of my pets get hurt, LOL. I should have stock in this stuff. My latest for me, was also a huge purple toe. Due to walking into something. It's super now!!!! My horse is on the 200c pellets now for a swollen bump on his nose and he gets the gel on his nose as well. Love it!

Susan said...

The homeopathic form is like magic. We use it on all types of injuries and soreness.

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