Monday, June 4, 2012

Lookie what I found!!

So here's the story. In December I trained a young mare for a friend and she gave me this paint mare, Rocky.

I know, Sydney, disliker of paint horses has a paint horse. Shes papered and pretty darned sensible minus one incident after first getting off the trailer where she drug Maverick, his father and his "big boy" brother in law on the end of a 40 foot rope at the same time and was gaining speed at a gallop. After a few "come to me Jesus" moments Rocky now leads and yields to pressure like a horse who's actually been haltered the previous 9 years of their life. She really didn't have a halter on until we got her let alone being caught, feet done etc. All of which she does well now. Shes one smart cookie.

Anyway I started to notice Rocky wasn't muscling up and thinning out like she should have been a couple months ago. Then she started bagging up a couple weeks ago. I knew what was ahead but she was sneaky and when I went out this morning I found this leggy little colt tottering around.

He promptly came right up to see me, hours old.

 (I look spaced out, I was talking to Maverick who was sitting on the footing of a beam in the barn)

He didn't have a name until a few seconds ago when "Moose" was suggested on facebook. Moose it is!!

Now to find what the heck Rocky was bred to before I owned her. Ugh!!!!


Desert Rose said...

ahhhh... a Baby :))))

lisa said...

I love paints so my comment is Awesome!

Jeni said...

Well at least he's cute! And seems decently put together.


Dreaming said...

What a fun surprise!

Molly The Wally said...

Nice post!
Best wishes Molly

Paint Girl said...

Yeah that must have been a surprise! But Moose is adorable and I love Paints!!! Just my color too!!

Susan said...

Lucky you, a surprise. I've been waiting for my mare to foal it seems like for ages.

GunDiva said...

Awww...that's a great surprise :)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I would have named him Bullwinkle!
Rocky and Bullwinkle! lol!

He sure is a bigun'! And cute!

What a wild surprise!


Kim said...

What a great surprise. Love his black and white color! How could anyone not like a paint?

Michaela said...

I just realized you were blogging again! Yay! Anyway, he is so adorable. I hope you find out who she was bred too. There is a remote possibility that the babydaddy is also registered, so the baby can be registered, too. Not that important if you are going to geld him but if anyone plans to show him, he can show in the paint/pinto circuit.

Are you going to keep him? And does this blog have a Facebook page I don't know about, or was it your personal one?

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