Thursday, August 7, 2008

The things I love about my girl

After putting straw into the barn today I took Suzy away from Stormy for the first time. She squawked once, Stormy hollered three times and went out into the paddock to enjoy the miserable fly crazy day.

Things I love about Suzy:

  • She is THE push button horse. You say go and shes already going. You say woah and she woahs (though shes always eager to get going again)
  • Would never pull back when tied, ever.
  • I just get this understanding with her that I have never got with another horse. She seems to know what to do in certain situations that you would never expect a horse to pick up on.
  • She loves to be clipped. She stands stock still.
  • She loves fly spray. Sometimes you can spray her with water and she stops stomping
  • She LOOOOVES to be driven. Today she trotted faster under the cart that I have ever had her trot....until we hit a rock and burst the tube in the tire of the cart. We line drove home
  • Shes pretty much bomb proof when it comes to scary things. She hates whips, nailguns and loud random noises
  • Is oh so gentle about taking treats from you. I could feed her with my fingertips and they would still be in tact.
  • Shes THEBOSS no questions asked.
  • Shes also a total diva (except the mud, she loves mud)
  • Shes very sure and confident of herself. God help you if she gets out. She don't give a damn that the other horses have already been caught shes going on her own run to the beat of her own drum.
  • Once you get to know her and know how to ride her crazy bumpy gait she will do anything for you
  • shes always aiming to please
  • Shes hot, but very manageable and smart
  • Shes an amazing mom
  • Shes an amazing horse for kids. She calms right down no matter what.
  • I could go on forever....
Indigo. Now theres some things about her that drive me nuts but shes got soooo many awesome traits.
  • Never, ever would pull back when tied
  • Never, ever panics and bolts
  • Never, ever would kick you
  • Always looking for attention.
  • Always greets me and comes cantering when I call her.
  • Makes cute fluttery-nostril nickers at me when she knows I have grain or treats
  • Is totally trainable with food
  • Is oh so smart and calm about new situations. Never panics where you think a normal horse would.
  • Catches on to things in a millisecond.
  • LOOOOOVES to be groomed.
  • Knows when theres kids around
  • Likes baths (shes white, theres a bonus)
  • Loves fly spray
  • Tolerates all the random wierd things I do to her like sticking my hat on her head or a crop in the crownpiece of her halter or even flapping a big ass scary tarp at her and then putting it on her (she was quivering the whole time, it was hilarious)
  • Loves to be wormed. She practically takes the syringe out of my hands.
  • Has a very reliable woah.
  • Has an almost equal go
  • Is always curious about things and makes me laugh when she sneaks around and gets into the barn or is sticking her head on my dads shoulder wile hes weed whipping.
  • Sneaks into the barnyard before the other horses do so she can creep around and eat their left over hay without being interrupted by the other horses wile I clean the shelter/put feed out.
  • Leads amazing
  • Trailers amazing
  • Is like the puddle/lake/pond/ditch master. She swims, goes through puddles, down and back up HUGE ditches. Shes always had this thing about trying to drink out of every puddle she comes across. Will elaborate later.
  • Is made of teflon. She rolls in the mud (keep in mind she IS white) and it just slicks right off and it's still wet and she looks white :O. Shes also, though all the numerous injuries shes had never been lame *knock on wood*
  • I am sure I will think of more later
So what makes you love your horse so much?

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