Friday, August 8, 2008

One of those AHA! moments

I think I finally figured it out!
Well not it, her more like it.
Indigo to be exact. She can be such a brat.
I got the most AMAZING ride today. I have one of those "I love my horse more than anything" feelings.
She can be quite the bitch sometimes even going as far as throwing a little crow hop and even a little buck. I think I finally got her where that just poof, in one instant goes away.
It's simple. I have no clue why I haven't see it before, maybe because I ride english too much.
I ask for collection and contact and she shakes her head and tries to stick out her nose.
I ask for an upward transition and she balks, sometimes trying acrobatics.

Today I decided to sit tall in the saddle and hold my reins with one hand on the buckle, resting near her withers. I carried a crop, just in case she tried to stick her head down and eat those oh so tempting grasses and weeds.
She was a complete ANGEL. OMG! I asked for a trot, she carried on forward not even a flick of her ear. When I asked for a canter she effortlessly hopped up and carried on down strait and true. She wanted to stretch so I gave her the length of the reins. She cantered with her head between her knees (shes never been trained to do that or ever done it before because I have usually had some kind of contact on the reins) Her back cracked and she was limber and really enjoying herself with her ears forward cantering and then galloping down the trail.

How many of you could/would dare to gallop your horse on a loose rein? It's all in the training.

I love my horse


KD said...

I had one of those moments a few months ago and now ride my horse without a bit. She's so much happier - it just took me a while to understand what she was asking and to let go of my crutches.

mugwump said...

I actively train mine to WTC with the reins thrown away, I've had more than one leave a "nose trail"
in the dirt as they lope along.
The ones that lope with their heads the lowest are usually my most collected when they finally come to the bit.

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