Thursday, August 21, 2008

The ones you understand

I don't think I ever mentioned my pony. Yes my pony. Hes 11 something hands hackneyXwelsh cross. His name is Keebler.

Keebler is the most push button "yes ma'am!" equine I have ever met. Theres something about him that I just understand. I know why he spooks, why he gets upset, why he shies, why he plays and why he just plain enjoys peoples company.
You never EVER have to teach something to that pony twice and when you do ask him of something he already knows he does it every time without question. Quite a trusting little fellow.
Hes just one of those horses, err ponies that I never have to question why he does something, I just know and I can explain it every time. He understands me, trusts me like you wouldn't believe and goes about his merry way without the fuss or complaint most horses, especially young horses often throw at you.
I think it had something to do with me being the one to train him. He didn't even know how to lead when I got him as a three year old project.
Now he drives, rides, lets kids drag him all over the place and barely ever spooks at anything.
I just understand him better than any horse I have ever worked with, owned or came across. Theres something that clicks there that I cannot explain or any professional horse person can define. It's almost telekinetic.
Him and I make a fabulous team. It's just so relaxing to drive and work around him knowing hes so young, inexperienced but does everything I ask of him like a 20 year old school horse.

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