Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bitless blog list: Is your blog on it?

I am looking for a list of blogs and websites.

Specifically blogs that post about bitless. It doesn't have to be 100% bitless but they ride, drive or post about bitless horses and riding or driving bitless.

Indigo and I in the pleasure driving class at the fair. This year no one has said a single negative word about me driving or riding bitless in shows. Not even the judges. In fact the show I went to in August the judge commented how well my horse was trained. Photo by Sarah

Why? Well I am just one person. I have tried almost every bitless on the market at one point or another. Other people use other bitless too and may have different concerns. I would love for you all to be able to go to a grand list and say "I want to read about this persons bitless adventures"

The criteria for your blog being on this grand list:

Must have more than one post about bitless bridles.
Must be in favor of bitless riding/driving etc.
Must be able to type in bitless in the search function of your blog and come up with more than one post on bitless.
Does not have to be a blogger blog, any type of blog will do.
If you have a button/banner etc please submit it too!
I will review each and every site to make sure the content is relevant.

So do you have a blog? Know of a blog? Either leave a message here or e-mail me

Please fill out:
Name of blog:
What kind of bitless do you use:
What kind of bitless riding/driving do you use:
Banner/button: (optional)

I would love to put your bitless horses on the grand blog list and possibly even feature it here! Get cracking!


achieve1dream said...

What a good idea to make this list. Unfortunately I can't put mine on it yet. In two years when I start riding Chrome I hope to ride bitless and I'll apply then. :)

SoraSoul said...

Sent you an email =)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Although I'm not riding bitless now, I am fully in support of bitless riding and hope to ride my current mare in a bitless bridle.

I think my blog still meets the standards of a bitless blog, though, because my previous horse was ridden bitless and I wrote quite a bit (lol!) about my experiences.

~Name of blog: (Laughing Orca Ranch)

~What kind of bitless do you use: Dr. Cooks Bitless Bridle

~What kind of bitless riding/driving do you use: Trail Riding


Is on my blog, but I'll send that to you via e-mail

**Google Search for Dr. Cooks Bitless Bridle:
My blog is the #8th down the list

**I have 9 posts on my blog about riding bitless:


Sydney_bitless said...

You do not have to necessarily own a horse that is bitless, so long as theres posts about bitless and why you may possibly want to be bitless etc.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if I'll qualify as I only ride bitless sometimes, and it's in a halter at that. I did write a few (3 to be exact) posts about bitless. I strongly believe in bitless, I've just been a bit of a chicken!

Name of blog: Life and Horses
Type of Bitless: Halter atm, planning to get an Enduro
type of riding: Trail, want to get into gymkhana
I don't think I have a banner/button....

thanks for all of your great posts!!

Anonymous said...

I only ride bitless sometimes, but expect I'll be doing more of it. Don't know for sure if I qualify - you can decide.

Name of blog: A Year With Horses,
Type of bitless: so far only Dr. Cook's but I'm hoping to try others
Type of riding: trail and arena work of various types
No banner or button (yet)

Anonymous said...

Also, check out this one - there is lots of good information about bitless options:

Golden the Pony Girl said...

Golden the Pony Girl

Sidepull,rope halter, bridleless, and hopefully a nutural bridle soon!


I still have no idea how to make a banner.

Great idea BTW!

Anonymous said...

Here's another good one - I believe she only rides her horses bitless:

Janice said...

Well I'm not bitless yet but I do from time to time ride without a bit. I'm still waiting for your recommendation.A comment on your Mounting post though. I had to laugh because you are right and that's how I was taught and being of I guess what you would call the old school never thought about changing ....until now that is. Good post Sydney.

juliette said...

Hi Sydney and thanks Kate!

I only ride our two bitless - you featured me before on your blog - many thanks!
honeysuckle faire - Thoroughbred retraining

Jayke said...

Great idea! Though I certainly can't put my blog on here, I'm looking forward to perusing the final list to find more information on my eventual transition to bitless.

Janice said...

Sydney I had asked you once before what Bridle you would recommend but I see in your sidebar which one you use. i will go looking for one of those. The town I live near does not have much choice but we shall see.

allhorsestuff said...

Hi Sydney,
Thanks for speaking up abbott the clips...was not going to mention you!! Can you believe...the jerky dude of a shoer....on the american List for qualified E.W.HORSESHOES...Won't call me now, I think I have a real possible problem....he may have put Wa in a smaller shoe...It is only 3 weeks...she is over already and I fear for her hoof wall.
I think I'm gonna go through Canada...Mike called me on the same day I called them. So very disappointed in how hard this had been to get someone...almost wish it were more stringent qualifications for the shoer to get in involved!

Good post by the way!Nice idea.

allhorsestuff said...

Me again on the Bitless subject_
Thanks for the invite!


I used on Wa mare firstly a Dr. Cooks Bitless,4 years ago when i started to try.
Now, I use- a Nurtural bitless, like you.

Pantz has her own Bitless, I beleive it may be called a "sidepull". I am featuring her today with it on her~

Am working on a "Badge"...

Kacy with Wa mare~

Judy said...

I always enjoy your blog, this visit was especially good! Nice job with the "glass" topic. The apple in the water bucket series and your narrative sure made me smile!

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