Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Horse thief! (the horse show)

So a few weeks ago at a show a few counties over we had a horse theif.

I brought Indigo, who is doing exceptionally well this summer and behaving herself like an old pro, only took her 18 years to get it. I decided this show was gonna be about bringing out the best of what we have been doing all summer.

The white spotty horse has been worked 5-7 days a week, more like 7 most of the time. We go a few miles each day, walking, trotting, collecting and working on her amazing back up. Shes always sweaty and tired when we come back but comes to the gate with a nicker the very next day to say "What we gonna do today?" sometimes I ride her but mostly I have been driving her. After you ride 3-5 other horses owned by other people riding your own seems to take a back burner but I thought to myself, if I am riding these 2 year olds and 5 year olds why shouldn't I be enjoying my own horse?

Normally apart from the occasional pony ride I am the sole handler in her workouts and training. This spring I taught Indigo how to neck rein and jog beautifully on a loose rein. This summer we emphasized on harder work, fitness and collection. All bitless of course. But when it came to a certain little curly, red haired cowgirl I couldn't keep my horse to myself. I gave into the horse thief and let her steal my horse and some ribbons at the show.

Walk, trot class

I mean how can you resist the way her legs barely reach down below the flaps of my saddle and how Indigo carts around her precious cargo like an old schoolmaster, never faltering in the path she was set.

Walk, trot class

Indigo knew she had a job and took that job seriously apart from making some ugly faces at a horse that was trying to rear with a girl next to her in the line up.

Costume class

They even went in the costume class as hippies. (I told ya I have polo wraps in EVERY colour, and a saddle pad to match too)

Faith and Indigo

They also did showmanship. Now I think I did showmanship before with Indigo if I do remember correctly she was a loon, dancing all over the place as the judge walked around making a fool of her and myself against young horses who stood stock still.

Faith and Indigo

This time she set up beautifully for lil' red cowgirl and behaved herself perfectly, standing completely still.

Of course I did halter with her. She looks like shes actually done this before.

Indigo and Sydney

It's amazing how far a few treats can go in teaching a horse how to set up and stand still at home for a halter class. Hasn't failed me yet!

Indigo and Sydney

(On another note: I know I am in all black. It's the only decent western show shirt I own since I out grew my others in colour and this one has some sort of magic material that allows air to fly right through it so I don't boil. I don't have time to get another one before our next show should I wear my brown driving gloves and brown cowboy boots with the black shirt/pants/hat? Opinions? I think they would go with Indigo's nice new rolled leather show halter shes wearing there because they are the same shade of brown. I mean it's about showing off your horse, not the silver, sparkly halter it's wearing.)

I got the chance to show a mini as well when a friend showed up and told me they had 4 mini's and 3 handlers.

Sydney and the  mini-horses

Oh goodness, I want one.

How tiny!

Of course I rode Indigo. She was close to comatose at this point in the blistering heat and beating sun. The way they had this show set up class order wise was not ideal at all. I think I did more tack changes this day than I do in a week and must have run 5 miles between the show ring and trailer. We held it together and got some more ribbons. Man was she on a roll.

Sydney and Indigo

Trotting in a corner.

Sydney and Indigo

A nice canter.

Sydney and Indigo

Hand gallop.

Sydney and Indigo

Me looking not so serious in the lineup. I concentrate too hard when I ride. Driving I am all smiles. I think it comes with doing commercial carriage work you gotta smile at everyone.

Unfortunately my photographer Robin flew the coop with a pooped out cowgirl and her little brother before we got to the driving classes. Credit for all the photo's in this post go to her and her wonderful photo shooting abilities.
Indigo got a first in the pleasure drive and second in the lady's drive and a few more firsts, seconds a fourth and fifth with me and many others with lil' red cowgirl. Indigo placed in every single class she was in and was the only horse on the grounds that did halter, rode and drove and was the only horse completely bitless for all of it.
But don't worry, theres a show coming up this Friday. I have a feeling lil' red cowgirl is gonna be there and there will be more pictures to be taken of us three driving.


Anonymous said...

Great post Sydney...I'll make sure the little red cowgirl sees it! :)


Anonymous said...

Cool pictures! Looks like a lot of fun - that mini is microscopic! Love the red-haired cowgirl - she and your girl look great together!

Jeni said...

Awww show days!!! Lil Red Cowgirl is awfully cute and Indigo is an awesome mare !!! I love horses like her that are so versatile and love every minute of it.

achieve1dream said...

Oh my! I want that adorable mini!! I wouldn't be able to give it back if I were showing him/her!

Indigo is such a super smart and versatile girl! I can't wait until Chrome is so well rounded. Hope it doesn't take us eighteen years lol!! Looks like you all had fun.

Crystal said...

Wow looks like you guys cleaned up. Congrats and the little red haired cowgirl is so adorable and Indigo and her look good together!

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Fun pics! Indigo looks like she enjoyed herself with you and the mini cowgirl!
Speaking of mini...that one was toooo cute!! omg!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Indigo is a superstar! And that little red haired cowgirl is just too adorable with her. I want a mini too, maybe someday... Good luck at the next show, hope it's as much fun as this one looks like it was.

Sydney_bitless said...

Thanks for all your comments. I do believe lil' red cowgirl will read all these. Shes turning into a wonderful horsewoman.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

That 'lil red-headed gal is precious. She looks like she can ride better than many adults know how to. Indigo must recognize her experience and confidence, too.

Are you really riding 2 yr olds for people? Don't you think that it's better to wait for a horse to be older than 4 before riding? You probably already know that some of the last bones to close are those at the withers, directly where the rider sits. Too many horses get started under saddle too early, before they're done growing.

That little mini is tiny....more like a mini-pony. lol! Reminds me of a stuffed animal. So cute!


Jen said...

You got some wonderful pictures, that's for sure! I have to say, though, that it sounded like an awfully long day for everyone (I was worn out just reading about it *grin*). Minis are on my list too; but I think it will be awhile before we get there :o)
Not too sure that I'd mix the brown with the black (sometimes it makes the brown look like a funky, washed out black), but maybe it's just because I don't care for those two colors paired together.

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