Sunday, February 22, 2009

Four things meme

My own rendition on the very, very old four things meme. Although I haven't been blogging long I have had internet and been writing on the internet longer than anyone I know. So here is my version of this meme. Feel free to add pictures to yours.

Four articles of clothing you can't live without
1. A good thick, fleece sweatshirt. Usually 2 sizes too big.
2. Underwear with the fabric waistband. They are very comfy! Honestly I don't mind I pay 4$ a pair for the stinking things and they may or may not have insanely girly patterns on them (bleh) but they are so damn comfy.
3. worn in and almost worn out blue jeans. Believe it or not my mom used to have to literally wrestle me into jeans when I was young I hated them. Times change.
4. Something green. I like green. It makes my eyes look greener. I always have some sort of green shirt around.

Four accessories you would never wear
1. A purse. I just never have found a reason for having a purse. Pockets rock
2. Those big pilot goggle sunglasses. My sister has an obsession with them.
3. Dress shoes. First of all I can never find them in my size, second of all I never wear them, third they hurt my feet no matter what size they are. I just borrow that stuff from my sister and don't walk much in them if I can help it.
4. Frilly things...ugh I shouldn't have to explain myself I am clearly not the frilly, lacey type. When I was little my sister wrestled me into a dress and put me in the car wile she ran back into the house for a moment. When she came back out I had ripped the lace off the bottom of my dress and proceeded to attempt eating the evidence.

The first four songs that play when you put your music player on random
1. And I love her- The beatles
2. Under the boardwalk- The temptations
3. Electric avenue- Eddie Grant
4. White room- Cream
I love my rock n roll <3 style="font-weight: bold;">Four pets you want or have
1. I wanna big colourful talking bird
2. A mini horse and a mini donkey!
3. A tiger would be cool!
4. An Irish wolfhound they are so pretty

Four websites you visit daily
1.bloodstainedsilk @ deviantart
2. mugwump chronicles
3. horseshoeing housewife
4. gizzards and calf fries

Four favorite things to eat or drink
1. My moms home made tacos. She makes the shell and everything. Nom nom nom
2. Fettuchini alfredo
3. crab or lobster
4. I really want ginger candy right now mmmmm must go to the oriental market.

Four things you do on a daily basis
1. Think about horses
2. dream about horses
3. Shovel horses shit
4. pet horses

Four things on your desk
1. Hand made clay beads
2. some feathers, a few wild turkey, crow, seagull, an eagle and some hawk feathers.
3. Horse girl body lotion in sugared vanilla. If you have never used this lotion, you must it smells and leaves your skin feeling SOOO GOOOD!
4. A big cluttered mess lol!

Four things you want to buy in the near future
1. natural ride bareback pad
2. a new book on hitching horse hair
3. A new computer monitor
4. A professionals choice western saddle pad. mmmm pretty colours.
I guess I am looking at about 600$ worth of stuff, thats not bad.

Four things you haven't told about yourself in your blog yet.
1. I am a video game and computer nerd. Yes I said it I fix computers and play video games when I am not working or around my horses.
2. Art is the music of the soul. If I wasn't allowed to be creative I think I might go picasso on you all.
3. I love to stop and watch the beauty of nature. The tiny flecks of colour in a feather, the way the grass sways in the breeze, the colours in an ordinary piece of glass and the light that reflects through it. Beauty is all around us. If you try hard enough you can find it in even the most ugliest of creatures.
4. I might be ADHD but I believe I am just an extremely outgoing person. I never have a problem concentrating.

Four places you have gone on vacation or visited
1. Cassadaga florida. Visiting there on Halloween is a complete must!
2. Algonquin park, wonderful wilderness and howling to the wolves and such
3. Cape breton, Nova scotia
4. Wawa Ontario. Talk about an out of the way place. Just great, gorgeous trails.

Four places you want to visit
1. Australia. I was named for my grandfather who lived in Perth but could not go back due to age and health problems.
2. Japan. A culture that spends every waking moment trying to perfect whatever they persuit. I love their art.
3. Alberta. I love mountains and natural beauty.
4. Arizona. I love reading everyones blogs from there.

Four things you would change about the world
1. Peace, well thats a far shot but you may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one
2. Enviromentally friendly. So some ways may take longer but if it means change for the future lets go for it!
3. People who are cruel to animals need to be never allowed to have animals again.
4. Living expenses should come down. The economy is hitting close to home now.

Four people you are gonna tag to do this meme:
1.pony girl
2. mikey
3.The wife
4.You? If you happen to stop by take a whack at it. Make sure you comment and link back I love reading your blogs


The Wife said...

Oh, you tagged me. Right in the gut! lol

I'm gonna have to think about this one.

You're a gamer! Would never have thunk it!

Sydney said...

Yeah I know eh. I play games like theres no tomorrow, sometimes all night when I ain't got anything to do tomorrow.

The thing is sometimes I can't help myself but buy the cheesy kiddy horse games too. My friends giggle and laugh as they go through my game pile and find riding horsey kid games.

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