Monday, February 16, 2009

What I like to wear

Big puffy, down filled coat that makes me look 200 pounds heavier than I actually am, hair tied back and usually windblown. Dirt on my face, horse slobber on my hands and all over my coat and a horse in my arms. Yup sounds like a moment in the barn. Here Indigo takes the opportunity to reach over the line of sight to slime my other arm. Those sunglasses, yeah the only ones that a horse hasn't stepped on yet. I usually leave them in the car or house just in case.

Below, well she demands payment of the cinnamon hearts in my pocket for her wonderful talent of smiling for the camera. Anyone know a hollywood agent? Move over Mr. Ed


The Wife said...

LOL. Look at that fuzzy chin. I can't keep a pair of sunglasses. I put some one this weekend and they were all scratched up.

Sydney said...

Yeah shes woolly right now. I bet she will start shedding in the next week or two.
I almost lost those ones today. They fell off my head and onto the ground beside the car. I almost stepped on them getting back in or worse, drove over them lol!

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