Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Useful item for any level rider

Every so often I come across one of those items that before I even buy it I go "wow that is so useful!"

Well this one has that. Level Rider

It is a saddle level for your western saddle. I wish they made it for english too. I am going to buy one for myself and use it for my students.
I think every rider could benefit from this tool. I mean how often have you a) shifted your weight to the opposite leg because your saddle was slipping b) had a saddle slip or c) had your instructor holler at you because you were leaning to one side.
Sure putting your heels down sticks in your head after a wile, but what about things like lead changes. I noticed with my students when asking for lead changes the ones that leaned to one side or the other were the ones that had the hardest time doing lead changes. To remedy this I would make them ride without stirrups for a wile. I wish I had this tool a few years ago. What a neat idea! I hope they come out with an english version soon too!


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