Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Weird wednesday

Because everyone knows I can't be wordless, not for a minute.

Everyone envies my rainbow hat and matching scarf. It is not only warm but incredibly bright and stylish.
Indigo has a neon, tye dye lead rope to match. She matches the dirty ground and me.
I love that lead. I would certainly never lose it. I should have bought the halter to match it but do I really need a 15th halter? I kid you not! I have them in many colours and sizes. Hey I can't pass down a well made halter if it has the right price on it. Mine last forever too cause I never turnout in them and I wash them often so they all look brand new. If a snap breaks my farrier is an excellent repair man and charges me 5$ per piece of hardware. That halter on her there was a birthday present from August and the nylon still has the new shiny look to it. I really should sell some tack.


Pony Girl said...

My sister teases me that I have more halters than one needs...I think I have at least 7, and I have ONE horse! :) I do use a turnout on my horse now, since he's been weird about catching and haltering. I hope to work on that issue this summer and eliminate the turnout halter. They are not cheap and get pretty trashed!

Sydney said...

I didn't include the rope halters in that. I make rope halters. I have many, many, rope halters. More rope halters and more sizes than I can shake a stick at. Even a custom one in mini donkey for the local park because they couldn't lead theirs in the nylon one because of reenactment purposes they needed a rope one.

There is a way to turn a regular nylon halter into a breakaway with just a string. I did it before I am trying to find the halter with it now and i'll do a tutorial. It's handy.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Ha ha! I've always thought, "What? I can't be wordless on a Wednesday!" Taking away my right to write words on a Wednesday would be a terrible fate for me.

gtyyup said...

Looking quite smart there!! Absolutely love the pick of Indigo with the gloves on her ears...what an adorable horse!

Sydney said...

Thanks. She doesn't have to work hard to make all those around her give into her demands.

If only she would tell the secret to how she does it.

The Wife said...

Well one thing about it, people aren't gonna overlook you or Indigo with those bright colors! Very safe.

Sydney said...

lol! So true. In the fall when Indigo hurt herself for the bazillionth time she was confined tot he barnyard so I would take her for a walk every day. We have people who come and hunt in our bush back the laneway and they were hunting deer. My dad asks "Do you want my safety vest?" I laughed. I had a big bright blue jacket on, that hat, a white horse and some bells on Indigos halter (required during hunting season). They all seen and heard me coming.

growingwhileshrinking said... make rope halters?

do you take orders?

Sydney said...

Yes of course.

I customize all sorts and make about 5 different styles. Customization as far as size isn't any extra if its between sizes.
They run about 12$ and up to $20.

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