Tuesday, August 11, 2009

And the winners are...

So I was a little later in the date I said the contest was going to end.

I figured since I am going to be gone for a week on Friday night I might as well post this now. The people who did participate I applaud you for speaking your mind about what you could change about the horse world. There is so much wrong with this world but in so many ways by setting examples, specifically in my case, scientifically backed examples. We can show the world there are alternatives to horse care and horsemanship as a whole through good examples. Will everyone listen? Probably not but it's a start.

So without further adieu I present to you the winners of the bridles.
Yes bridles! Two of them. I managed to squeeze two into my retailer budget. They are both nylon horse size but horse size fits a pretty wide range in sizes. For example my nylon horse size fits my pony, who is a small cob. I also have used it on my friends Hanoverian, a warmblood sized head. Results vary. If you are unsure please note this to me. One is brown, the other is black. First to reply to me with their shipping address gets the colour of their choice.

Oh yeah, so the two winners of the bridles. I put all the names in my crazy cowboy hat. Like it?

Bridle no1 goes to: Scaequestrian who said:

"If I could change one thing about the horse world it would be education. I believe that a great many of the problems we see within our chosen sport/hobby could be prevented through education. For instance, the girl I have been working with through email has been totally changed by my educating her about bits and proper training. She is now working toward educating all of her friends as well. Here is a link to our conversations... HERE

So many of the issues I have seen and spoken to horse owners about are simply a product of ignorance. Many people do not understand the need for proper and regular hoof care, some do not know that horses need their teeth floated, and the list goes on. I think that as responsible, educated horse owners, we have a responsibility to reach out and share our knowledge and skills to help make the lives of the animals we love better."

Well said. If owning a horse it's an owners responsibility to know as much as they can. Horsemanship and horse ownership is an ever growing education. The more you know the less you do, thats what I say. Trying to educate yourself

Our second bridle winner as I draw out of my flaming hat is: wolfandterriers who said:

"If I could change one thing...
I would sponsor a GP competition with a serious purse (10k-15k). The horses would be ridden bridleless, with the option of a simple loop of rope around their necks. Being a selfish little brat, the horse that I learned to ride dressage from was capable of performing all movements with the loop of rope around his neck as he went beautifully from seat and leg. However, he was quite the pill and had an ego the size of an elephant! Not exactly the nicest horse to learn from or to ride!! You had to definitely work for it.

I thought initially that simply mandating an easier bit would work...but then I thought back to the last place I boarded, and how the Western "trainer" worked ALL of her horses in a huge cathedral bit with draw reins and a tie down--from green to finished, that was her equipment. Bit checks simply aren't enough when the horse spends the majority of its day in its stall and has palate issues due to the severe bitting it has endured.

I have started my young ones in a halter or lunge caveson very successfully and move to a bit only because I consider it the mark of a finished horse. You can ride any movement on a "rein of silk" (D. Barbier) because the idea of being on the aids/on the bit is an elastic condition throughout the animal--not just a straight line between hand and bit. Gr. Ok, rant OVER! :) (And man, I would love to try that Nurtural bridle...)"

I would love to see a competition like that. It would set the riders apart from the passengers. I hope sometime in my lifetime we will all see bitless and more bridle less competitions.

Now for the horseshoe dream catcher. Unfortunately theres only one of those. They are made from an old shoe when I first got Indigo. I had to shoe her for one summer because she was coming from grass and sand to hard dirt and rock. I regret not knowing about hoof boots or these wonderful elastic, plastic shoes called easy walkers Very interesting. I think I might try them.

Our dream catcher winner: Carroll Farm who said:

"I love all my horses - and I am just really getting into the horse world - but my hubby grew up with horses. I think that if I could change anything about the horse world it would be not allowing STUPID (or uneducated) people have horses. There should be a class that you must take, or something, before you can own a horse. I believe that to each their own, but you better take care of it whatever way you believe. There are so many starving horses in stalls with no chance of food, my husband and I have laughed that even if I can't feed my kids, the horses will eat. They have no chance, but I can take my kids to a soup kitchen or something... do you know what I am saying. :)"

Right on! Horses are at our mercy. We put them in stalls or paddocks and they rely on us to provide them water and hay or some sort of supplemental feed. For now it is up to us for the good of the horse to educate ourselves and others the best we can. Putting kids in pony club or 4-H are good, reliable outlets.

I would like to thank each and every one of you who participated. I enjoyed reading everyones comments and what they would change. The world may not be a perfect place but we can assure ourselves we are doing all we can to make horses as safe and happy as they can be.


Carroll Farm said...


I will send you an email.

I did learn a lot in this little contest of yours and it was a really fun read!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Those Easy Walkers look rather cool! Nice to see some advancement in hoof wear for those horse athletes that must wear shoes.

Congrats to all the winners. I hope you'll all give a review after you've tried out the Nurturals?


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh...and Sydney? When will you be posting a photo of you wearing that crazy fun hat? :D


Sydney said...

Hahah sometime. Actually I have a picture someplace of me wearing it last year at the fair and I had painted flames all up my neck and my face when I was doing face painting at the booth.

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