Saturday, August 8, 2009

Recent weddings

Busy time of year. I've been running this way and that working, giving riding lessons, training horses, weddings, carriage rides. Just the usual.

I did another Indian wedding today. My dad was my photographer with my crappy kodak point and shoot. I obviously did not get my camera or artistic skills from him lol! He tries.

As you can see Indigo is quite asleep and I look totally unimpressed, wearing the ugliest red pants I have ever had the displeasure to own. What I do for money, I swear.

We do a lot of carriage events and weddings but just started using Indigo for these Indian/Sikh/Hindu etc. weddings this year.
I got up at 6 am to feed the horses, looked out the window and it's pouring cats and dogs. We did need the rain but couldn't it hold off?

It is about a 55 minute drive to the city where the hall is. The thing about this particular culture is they are NEVER on time. I've had so many people at the weddings we have done, and our friend who does horse drawn vehicle services tell us "we are on Indian time now" which means they get there when they get there. I just let them know that the clock starts at X time and over that hour they pay extra.

We get there and this wedding is supposed to start at 9 am. It's about 8:40 and theres literally four cars in this HUGE parking lot. The hall itself is very large. After a wile I found someone and the groom/wedding party or whatever you can consider them showed up. The groom was Caucasian and marrying a well known doctors daughter. He was doing this to help with tradition.

Like many of our weddings these grooms have never touched a horse in their life or been on ones back. They are city kids. This guy wasn't afraid, he went to get on and I insisted he use the step stool, for his own safety and my poor horses back. That was alright except he booted the stool as he caught his other curly toe shoe on the lip. It went flying right underneath Indigo who promptly squatted and kicked it around a few times before it went tumbling out from under her. The groom did not fall off, another accident averted. Phew. Could have ended a lot worse than that. Good Indigo, your such a sensible, smart girl.

The family danced and the music was played on a CD from this car just a few feet ahead of us. We were under the overhang on the building. The family danced, clapped, hollered, shook bells and made a lot of noise along with the stereo of the car bouncing off the roof of the entrance we were under was enough to rattle your brains. When the people were dancing Indigo put her head up and watched real intensely but didn't otherwise move a muscle. Good girly again. I am so proud of her. To think how far she has come since I have had her. She would see a manhole and do the four legged splay away from them in the blink of an eye, almost unseating me. Now shes surrounded by singing, dancing, hollering, cheering people, dozens and dozens of them. She doesn't step a foot out of line.

So I am pleased with the day. I finally have some time to do some crafty stuff. I am beading a piece of deer leather at the moment for a purse my mother is making to sell. Will update when thats done but for now I will endulge you in some hideous red pants pictures from my last wedding, which was Sikh and had a live drummer and 200 people singing and dancing.


One Red Horse said...

Wow - talk about being multi-talented! Gotta confess that I would never have thought of a horse job such as "groom carrying horse" if not for this post. Another reason I love blogs. Figure you are submitting to the red pants for a good reason, is there a significance to the ceremony?

lisa said...

That was a very different wedding and you actually look pretty good in red!! Great job but I have to say I am glad that it is you and not me!!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

I like the pants. They match Indigo's leg wraps. Kicking stools over is something I've been doing a lot lately. Fortunately, my horses are getting used to my clumsiness.

Sydney said...

Red, white and gold are their ceremonial colours. Black is considered bad luck/unholy? in the ceremony.

I hate those pants they don't fit completely right and always go into my boots. They need to be smaller in the butt and wider in the ankle.

Amanda said...

The carried off...well done :-)

Jo said...

Poor indigo! To have all that crap on her face! If I had a horse I would be so protective of her, I don't know how you can let people ride her and assume they won't be dumb.

And as for the red pants... just think of how IIIII would look with my butt smooshed into them with every curve showing. You look professional and elegant.

And if you really detest them take some off the butt and slice the legs at the bottom and sew it in there. See? All better! :D

My word is "turge" which I am going to google in a sec.

Sydney said...

I never let anyone ride her without me being RIGHT there or leading her in the case of weddings. No people do dumb things to my neigh, well other than me lol.

The Wife said...

Gotta be honest, those pants are hideous!! Indigo is such a good horse.

Sydney said...

THANK YOU! The Wife has good fashion sense, they are horrible! I want to burn the pants.

Pony Girl said...

Wow, what a good horse Indigo is! How long are the wedding ceremonies? Thanks for sharing that you do this, it was interesting!

Sydney said...

Where the groom rides the horse is about 20-40 minutes. The actual ceremony varies from an hour to three days depending on the religion.

Mellimaus said...

Wow, what a wedding! What a good girl Indigo is!!! Look at her with flowers on her face and still walkin' along! :-)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I was going to be polite, and say that you look lovely in those red pants...and Indigo is so pretty with all of her decor...but I can't. lol!

Those red pants look like they are a throwback to the 80's! I think Brat Pack Molly Ringwald wore a pair like that in some movie actually! lol!
I do admire you for wearing them because it's part of your job. Soemtimes you just gotta do stuff you don't really want to, especially in this poor economy.

And all I can about Indigo is she is one patient horse. What a sweetie. She sure trusts you, that's quite obvious.


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