Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lost and found

So I found my sunglasses today. They are mangled, scratched, bent but still somehow sit kind of strait on my face. This just reinforces the fact that my nose is better broken than it was strait because normal glasses didn't sit strait on them before and now they do.
I can't see through the mud on them and attempted to buff the scratches out. They will buff out!!! I found them as I suspected in a paddock being trampled by three big Thoroughbred geldings. How the lenses are not cracked is beyond me.

Today I lost a very important member of my family.
This is going to be hard.
This is someone who I have known for a very long time.
Someone who has always been there to lend a hand, especially with farm work, heck any work.
Someone I could always rely on.
He helped me fixing tractors, repairing harness, cutting fencing, fixing the &^%$#@%! float in the waterer in the winter, baling hay, opening those tough pickle jars. You name it, that man was there.
I will grieve and eventually move on.

I was bending over the creek in front of the one barn I work at. Somehow the big garbage pail took flight in the wind and flew into into the water. I was attempting to fish it out with a stick. I guess I didn't have as good a hold on for he tumbled into the depths of the murky water. Before I could even jump forward to catch him he was gone. I sloshed into the deep water as far as my rubber boots would take me (which was about one step before it went above my boots top)

RIP Leatherman multi tool. I am not sure how I will get my barn work done tomorrow without you. I have a replacement but it's just not the same quality on the job unless it's a leatherman. I guess I'll be saving to get myself another one of these bad boy's. They are expensive, but worth the money.


Anonymous said...

Those things are awesome - you're going to have to go right out and buy another.

The Wife said...

You had me goin'! RIP Leatherman.

Sydney said...

Yeah I want to go right out and buy another, but I need the extra $$ first. I have a fishing multi tool but it isn't the same.

Desert Rose said...

I hope he is not looking down from above and see's that you had a back up "just in case"! he will rejoyce however that no man will be as good as he was...after all, he was LEATHERMAN!

Sydney said...

ROFL desert rose. I almost spit my water all over the computer.

Jayke said...

Sounds like a good christmas gift to me, maybe you should add that to your list!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Sydney,

I miss you so much... I'm wet and cold! Please go find a metal detector, wrap the end in a plastic bag, put it in the creek and come and find me. *glub, glug*

Love you forever,

Sydney said...

XD haha thats so random. I seriously tried again today to find it. Theres a really thick layer of sludge at the bottom. I however have my eye on the same one I had on e-bay. I guess you can't buy the original leathermen anymore.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

lol! Your Leather-man sounds even more useful than my Husband-man. I'd be crying, too!

Seriously, though, I'd have taken my magnetic wand and stuck it in that creek until I found it.

You can read about it on my blog:

or buy one here:

Doesn't need batteries or electricity. No problem if it gets wet. And can lift up to 25lbs. I can't imagine NOT having one.

Oh and it's only $10.00!

I hope you can get your Leatherman back or buy a new one. And I'm glad your glasses were salvageable after the TB stampede. lol!


Sydney said...

I have one of those in the garage actually. I really am not seeing it now. However the leatherman outside is aluminum I believe. There was a pretty strong wind/rain and the river creek thing was really flowing the other day. I have been eyeballing them on e-bay because I had a leatherman original, which they don't sell anymore.

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