Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pretty disgusted in the school system

Some of you know once I got my equine science from Guelph I decided to go back to a local college called St.Clair. I want to upgrade to so something with veterinary medicine. A vet tech or lab technician looks good right about now.
I am very pleased. As with Guelph my marks are in the upper 90's. I work hard. Today my mark in chemistry went from that I explained to probably around a 70 or so. Why? Well I am a little fed up with the teaching system, the head of department and the dean!

No one in my entire chemistry class understands what the teacher is trying to explain. It is his first class he ever taught, fresh out of teachers college. He has some sort of masters in electrical engineering. He is a smart guy, but not a teacher. I can say through my whole school career I have never had a teacher as bad as him. He cannot explain anything. He lectures us, we write everything. If we need something explained better usually we would go to the text book. We can't. Everything he writes on those white board is the EXACT SAME THING out of the text!

Anyway my whole point. A few of us went and complained yesterday to the head of department after talking to the teacher about an upcoming test. Not one person in that class understood what he was trying to teach. This is class 5 we have been on the same topic. No one gets it. I have even taken chemistry before and I dont remember doing this. My friend who is becoming a nuclear physicist doesn't have to know this. One girl in the class told him she didn't want the test beacause she was not prepared and was going to fail. His reply? " So what?". So I went to the dean because the department head's just told us off, telling us we pretty much were stupid.

The dean? Didn't even want to think about our request to submit a complaint. This is bullcrap!

I am so disappointed in this areas education system. I am surprised there are not more homeless or bums in this city because the education system here is really that bad. I didn't think so until my deal today.

I was so mad after my test I went right home and figured I would get the stuff from my friend tomorrow.

I think I have some sort of horrid flu. I have a sudden cough and a headache and chills and aches.

My remedy? I went out, good clothes in all skipping the house to the barn to see my horses. I was freezing. The thing I love about cold nights like this is standing in the dark in the barnyard with my horse (Indigo in particular because of her mane) and putting my hands under her long, thick mane and letting them warm. I love the feeling of scratching her winter coat on her neck. It's so soft almost like someone doused her in show sheen and my fingers warm almost instantly. She seems to enjoy it too as she puts her chin on my shoulder and breathes in my ear for a moment before attempting to lick my good jacket.
So rant over, heres it for today: if you are feeling down hug a horse.


Anonymous said...

Horse hugs do help!

I had a teacher once like that in college, and it was very difficult - good luck with that!

Paint Girl said...

Sorry to hear that you have a terrible teacher!! Hopefully it can be resolved. I can't believe the dean didn't do anything about it.
You are right, nothing better than hugging a horse! Seems to really help with the worries!
Hope you are feeling better soon!

Jame said...

I kind of know how you feel. We're a smaller college, so me and a few of my classmates went straight to the President after our 5th week measuring the temperature of water in our Physics class. This one teacher is utterly boring, and is a horrible teacher all around, I think. We told the President we were wasting our money on this class, and nothing happened...except that teacher no longer teaches that class.
Best thing to do, is put my hands right against their noses...their breath warms cold body parts, like hands and ears and noses, instantly!

Jayke said...

Hey! I've just started reading your blog a few weeks ago, but I've gotta say I feel your pain when it comes to inadequate education.

My first year at university I had to take a "computer applications" course. The first thing the proffessor said when he came in was "I'm being paid to teach you the windows operating system, but I only ever use a mac, and you should only ever use a mac". The rest of the course went a lot like that first sentence. It's hard to learn when the teacher doesn't believe what he's saying.

Our mid term was an open book, online exam. Most of the class failed. Most of the class studied really hard and used the textbook to find the correct answers. He wouldn't give us the right answers to the exam after we all found out we had failed. I thought there was going to be a mutiny right there in the auditorium.

We also complained to the dean of the faculty, to no avail. I just chalked it up to an unfair but unchangable life experience, but that low mark is still dragging my GPA down.

My only advice: Organize your entire class to complain as a group, it's easy to ignore 4 or 5 students, harder to ignore 40!

Sydney said...

Theres only 15 people in this particular class as it is a night course. 5 people just dropped out or said they were going to drop out so we will see how the class turns out tomorrow.

Jo said...

I had a new teacher during con-ed for my july classes. At the end of the term he gave us "report cards" for us to fill out about him. He had to pick two students to escort him to the security office with them, for secrecy reasons. Maybe they will have those at the end of yours.

I feel so bad for you.

Sydney said...

Jo- They do have them but not like they are going to do any good wile he is teaching us now.

Desert Rose said...

I compltely understand what you are saying. I too had a teacher that read from the text book only and I learned NOTHING as did many in my class! several took the class over the next semester because we were soooo confused. Then we got a GREAT teacher and I got straight A's! (music was my subject) Good luck...hope it can change for you!

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