Friday, November 13, 2009

General on goings

Happy Friday the 13th. I hope no ones superstitious.

Busy. I am terribly sorry I have not blogged more this week. This is going to be one of those boring long update posts without a lot of new pictures as I am sure a lot of you come to see. I know I love visiting blogs to see peoples gorgeous photography.

I guess having a busy week makes up for it on this weekend. This is the last weekend I have totally free from now until Christmas. I mean I have seriously nothing planned tomorrow or Sunday other than to help out William Wallace...I mean James Zedd take some photos at the lake. James is a great photographer and an entertaining person to be around. He usually lets me paint his skull (being the only bald guy to offer his skull to my artistic talents) for Halloween. I wanted to paint a treasure map on it this year but it was a no go so I painted his face blue like William Wallace from the movie braveheart instead.

I am doing carriage rides/weddings at least one day a weekend until the holidays though. Next Thursday I have to do the Christmas lights a town over. Last year when I did this it was dumping heaps of snow on us. I was freezing, the horses were miserable but I guess it added to the romance of Christmas time, lights and going for a horse drawn carriage ride and snow for the 5 minutes you are a passenger, not the 4 hours the horse and driver have to sit out there. Though I can't say I ever hate it or have ever had a bad event. Sure beats working in some store in the city even if I do freeze my ass off. I wouldn't trade my life for any other.

I personally cannot wait until spring and we haven't even had snow yet. This weekend is supposed to be so nice though like the last two have. I have been riding Indigo every day that I don't go to class (cause when class is done it's too dark to ride) in the neighbors harvested soy bean field. I know he's gonna disc it soon but I don't want him to. It's so flat and level, perfect for doing circles and flying lead changes in. She is still a little stiff on the left side because of her laceration and the build up of scar tissue but shes getting there.

This brings me to my next point. The round pen. As some of you know the farm is getting three wind turbines. Yay!
Not so much for the round pen where I would sometimes ride, turn Indigo out to eat grass etc. It has to get torn down for the turbine laneway. I rarely use a round pen to chase a horse around to tire them out. Just not what my kind of horsemanship is about. Lunging/round penning is to get my horses attention and respect, never to tire them. The round pen is now a bunch of posts and a lot of boards and screws. Loaded it up on the back of a hay wagon today but not without doing injury to myself, as usual. Couldn't get some of the screws out of the boards and I got one right in the hip as I was climbing up on the wagon to stack it. Ouch.

For some reason I cannot keep a pair of sunglasses in tact for long. Remember
my aviators,

well my second pair got lost today. I had them on my shirt I have a sneaking suspicion I dropped them into one of the paddocks at work when I bent over and they are probably now in a million pieces. Oh well off to wal-mart I go for a stinking third pair! I missed them today when I was driving. I am so sick of driving around, but I gotta work and I love work. Too bad the places I work are not within riding distance or I would ride.

Oh yeah and a few of you asked about the rabies thing. Yes I am now vaccinated for rabies. Everyone thinks this is really humorous. At least now when I bite I can't make people rabid right? I had to have the shot for the one course I will be taking.
Speaking of school how I was complaining about the education system, well I got 99/100 on a test the other day. A test worth 20% of my mark. Ecstatic. My mark in that class is 98! Holy crap I just about fell over when I found out. I hope I can keep it there.

Maybe, just maybe since I have nothing planned this weekend I will go to the sherk center and go swimming. I haven't been swimming since my trip to wawa and I looooove swimming. I had a bad itch today to go swimming but by the time I actually got into the door and would have headed out the 45-ish minutes to get there it would have been an hour to closing. Oh well, that is what nothing weekends are for. I can't honestly remember the last time I had a nothing to do weekend. Seems nice but I have a feeling I may be bored. See ya'll on Sunday for Sunday stills


Jessie said...

I think you're my Canadian training sista :) Everything you ever mention about working/training your horses, I'm sitting here nodding at the screen. Can't you see me? LOL

I had no idea they even had a human rabies vaccine, but that makes sense! Do you vaccinate your horses against rabies? Some people do down here and some don't....

Ah, the wind turbines...I look forward to pictures!

Sydney said...

Haha Jessie thats funny.
Yeah they do have a human vaccine. We haven't had a case in this area in 20 years or so. I still get my horses and dog vaccinated just in case. Plus I travel over the border often with my dog and that is the only requirement is that they have their rabies and you can prove it for crossing the border.

The turbines are expected to be up by Jan or Feb but not to be turning before May.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Besides the rabies shot, I hope you have a current tetanus shot. Geting an old rusty nail in the leg isn't good.

I hope you find your sunglasses. You should stick them on top of your head or in the top of your shirt. That's what I do.

It's nice to have a 'down-time' weekend once in a while.

Sydney said...

I think tetanus lasts for like 10 years or something so says the vaccination card I have.

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