Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Poo pile princess

Some of you die hard Indigo fans have been requesting a post about her. Today she hung around me the whole time. I could not ride/drive her as I had work to do then it started pouring rain.

The days I do not have to go to class I totally plan on riding, only it totally never ends up happening.
I ride everyones horse but my own.
So I had to clean out the barnyard. We started the other day but it rained and well, been too busy since. There was a big pile of manure in the back corner.
I walk around the corner and Indigo is standing on the very top of the poo pile up to her knees. Of course by the time I got my camera she was off of it.
I still got this.
Poo pile princess.

Looks like shes been rolling around in it too. Dirty horse.

I go about my business. First I noticed there was some loose sheet metal on the barn. Off with my hammer, nails, screws and drill to fix that problem. I had brought out my shovel, broom and pitchfork with me. Before I noticed the sheet metal problem I had intended to clean the calf barn where Indigo and Sheba sleep.
I was around the other side of the gigantic poo pile when I hear this really odd crrruuunnncccchh.
I looked over to see what it was.

Exhibit A:
Indigo had attempted to take off the broom fibers as her afternoon snack.
I holler "leave it alone"
She backs up a couple steps and blinks at me as if saying "What, I didn't do it" I put the broom back with the other tools.

I go back to hammering loose nails into the barn.
"I said leave the broom!"
Indigo takes three steps back.
Here shes pretending to act like shes sniffing the shovel. Her eyes are clearly on something else.
I resume hammering.
Crruunnncchhh, crunch, crrruunnnch, CRASH!

As she picked it up I come after her and she runs for the hills, broom in mouth.
The shovel, hoof nippers(I couldn't find the tin snips), bag of nails, pitchfork, pair of gloves and a pepsi I had sitting on the ledge comes crashing down. Horse runs with broom.
Her escape only lasted so long as I was hot on her trail running right behind her her hollering. She let go of it, turned around and came creeping back for more. Creeper.

My poor broom! The picture does it some good. It's really a lot worse than it looks and hardly sweeps without bending.
I only paid $4 for it on sale but my broom! I happened to like this one it swept the best and I do a lot of sweeping.
I think it's ironic it says long lasting on the handle in this picture. Apparently they didn't impliment broom eating horses in their longevity trials.

I think in the end she really only wanted to help sweep up.

I did however get my revenge. Only a few handfuls of horse cookies could get this face out of her. She was totally not impressed about the ear holes I cut.



Jame said...

I love the last picture. Indignity is totally good revenge :)
Your fruit roll ups idea made me smile-thank you for that! & for the other idea as well, I'll try it when I get home for the holidays next week. Thank you for the advice!

Sydney said...

Indignity is awesome revenge. I know deep down she loves the humiliating attention as much as the attention, attention.

No problem Jame.
They sell bit candy thats the exact same thing for almost 200% the price! Big deal they eat it either way. Same ingredients. Glad I could help, it's what I do.

Carroll Farm said...

I love that last picture. Definately a Christmas card in the making..

jo said...

that is hilarious! I love it when our beloved animals prove people wrong when they say they are "just animals". They defiantly have style, personality and attitude.

Anonymous said...

Very funny! Love her attitude - or should that be maritude! Brooms are fun - they look too much like something else!

The Wife said...

LOL! Love the revenge. She is quite the mischievous lil horsey! And I guess if you're gonna be a princess, might as well be the poo pile.

Jayke said...

Haha I think I have had that exact same altercation with Oliver on several occasions, and if it wasn't the broom, it would be knocking over the (full) wheelbarrow, messing with the manure fork...dragging a hay bale down the aisle...they never cease to find ways to amuse themselves.

Too bad about the broom, I know what you mean about having a 'good' broom, they really make all the difference for sweeping.

That picture of indigo is pricesless though.

Sunny said...

Very enjoyable blog, love your horse pictures.
Sunny :)

Sydney said...

Thank you Sunny. I am glad you enjoy my blog, what it's here for.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

HAH! The ear holes are very original! My mare wore her Santa hat last year, but with it off to the side. And everytime the darn pompom would swing past her vision she would spook at it and snort. lol!
Like the pom pom was going to eat her!

Indigo must provide you with so much entertainment: The Broom Eating, Poo Pile Princess!


Jessie said...

OMG, that is too funny!!! I'm staying at a friend's place for a while and they put their halters and leadropes on the fence, and I had to go take them all down from the pens my horses were staying in because I KNEW they would never leave them alone. I think Indigo MUST be related somehow to my kids. They are too nosey for their own good :)))

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