Saturday, December 19, 2009

Whatcha see there Indigo?


I hate snow.

I do want to use my new-old sleigh I bought this summer, go tobogganing, maybe four wheeling/snowmobiling. The neighbor had his four wheeler out today. There isn't enough but after the snow we are supposed to get tonight I bet I can drive Indigo tomorrow with my sleigh.

Snow toes

Indigo stepped right on my foot print.

I got up bright and early this morning to line drive Stormy for the first time.
It went well, only afterwards she misplaced her foot right on top of my toes. I have been having trouble with this one toe that has this callous right on the end from my summer work boots being a tad too narrow and small. I have to say between the cold and the toe getting squashed it felt like the toenail was going to fall off. All in a days work right?

Normally I don't ride Indigo too much in the winter. It's cold and icy and often dangerous because Indigo is wound up like a top and the risk of slipping is great. I've decided this winter I am going to improve my bareback riding skills and ride her a few times a week bareback, even if it's only for a few minutes and at a walk/trot. I am not fortunate enough to have a riding ring (or round pen anymore, RIP it was a noble sacrifice for the new laneway). I just have the wide open fields and laneway's.

So Indigo and I start going back the laneway.
They are putting three wind turbines on the farm which is quite exciting. They made a whole new really nice, flat laneway.
First she spots the porta potty. Shes seen a stinking porta potty 5462167389 TIMES!!! She slams on the breaks, puts her head high as if to say "Why is it there!? That do not belong there!" She was doing these two little snorts the whole ride, every time she exhaled she would do this little snort snort. It was funny.

We get past that then she sees THE HORSE EATING CRATER OF DOOOOOOOOMM!
AKA: the hole where the first turbine base is going to go.

Shes like "It's going to swallow me up, it's gonna eat me!!" *snort, snort, snort* I go "it isn't gonna eat you" Indigo does her hop/head toss she does when she is having a bout of Indigo-itis. I holler for her to knock it off and she does.
Once we got past that we eventually had to go back. Same drama. What a goober. She'll get over it eventually.

Heres a picture of a cement base this morning. It is huge but they are going to be putting the dirt back around it. I guess you can farm right up underneath them within a few feet. No turbine yet but a farm down the road has the blades and the centers are there. I got stopped as they were turning in with one of the blades. It's almost three semi truck trailers long! They have police escorts and all.

I hope tonight it will snow more since this stuff stuck around today. I want to go tobogganing and use my sleigh and even drag people around on horse back, known as "neighbogganing".
Then it can all f-off back to Alaska.
The waterer hasn't frozen yet so no bucketing there. I got totally soaked at my one barn by a pipe that got broken and had to carry buckets X2 for 23 horses.
How many more days until spring?


Fantastyk Voyager said...

Sometimes I think they like to make a game of spooking.
Indigo has markings very much like my Annie.
In the cold weather I like to ride bareback. First, because it's warmer. Second, because I get lazy about really grooming them down enough for a saddling. Third, because they seem to enjoy the impromptu rides as much as I do.


Ann said...

You are lucky to be doung a uni course on something you love.

How far are you from Windsor? I studied there in 1975.

Merry Christmas

lisa said...

Don't even mention spring, I am already counting the days and we still have a long way to go!

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