Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday stills: Holiday lights and decorations

So I am a bit late for Sunday stills this week. I was in the city all day and haven't had time much during the week so I will show you some of my wrapping and festivities.

The cordless phone got it.
See how much trouble Jo and I get into when we are wrapping and no one else is home. (with flash, eeuugh how did that happen!?)

Then I stowed it in the cookie cupboard before going out to a movie.

I get home and I hear my mom and dad looking for the phone. Dad finds it, mom starts laughing and asking why on earth I do these strange things. I am thinking sooner or later I am gonna get pranked bad because I am always the one pulling tricks on people. Just another day at my place.

The mound of presents that are not completely all wrapped yet. I really should put some under the tree but I know my nephews will start shaking the ones addressed to their name as soon as they spot them. They sure got spoiled by Aunt Sydney this year like always.

Oh and of course it would not be the holidays without telling Santa what you want for Christmas (a pony like always!) My older sister Jessica and I. Santa called her by name but he seemed to have forgotten mine. I am probably gonna be getting road apples in my stocking this year.

Happy holidays everyone. I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful -insert what you celebrate here-


Ed said...

Too funny with the phone and an excellent shot of the Bells. Santa is one lucky and jolly fella..:-)

Sydney said...

Yeah it was quite amusing. Apparently my dad says theres revenge to be had but we will see.

jo said...

I am still on the lookout for that box for you. I will get one to you by wednesday at the latest.

Sometimes I wonder abou the things that we come up with

Sydney said...

Yeah I deff need that box Jo. I was thinking about how I was gonna wrap that skateboard and hes totally gonna know right away if I don't get one.

Brenda said...

That's so funny! This year, I wrapped in gift bags!!! Cuts the wrapping time down dramastically! and everyone still has fun opening the bags, and less paper mess! lol

Jessie said...

Oh you're ornry!! LOL!! Too funny :)

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