Sunday, April 4, 2010

One of these things is not like the others

One of these things just doesn't belong

Happy Easter everyone.

Mom was making all sorts of yummy smelling stuff in her trusty, dusty crock pots. Gee shes a good cook. To think I burn or mutilate everything I cook. It never looks pretty when I make food but it still tastes right.

It's one of those quiet afternoons where no one is around and I got to sleep in real late (11:30! Thats a record for me) due to feeling horribly sick after doing an East Indian wedding with Indigo last night.
We ended up waiting downtown Windsor, right on the riverfront with crazy traffic, taxi's, greyhound busses, motorcycles and yes, drunk people wizzed/stumbled by making a whole bunch of Indigo startling racket. The groom was supposed to show up at 7 pm but finally did show up a few minutes past 9 pm. Oh well, they knew they were paying for it. I was tired, both of us wanted to go home and it was windy and I felt like crap due to my horrible allergies creating sinus headaches of doom.
I have to say I love this horse. Under an overhang right on riverside drive, cars honking, a dhol player people literally dancing right up on the side of Indigo with the groom on top of her, people smacking her on the butt in their excitement. She stood her ground although a little nervous. She did her job just as I asked and stood stock still. What the heck would I do without her?

Anyway back to the picture there. Savanah is notorious for being underfoot in the kitchen. She has the annoying habit of licking the floor, even if it's clean. My mom was cutting apples and tripped over said dog then screamed at her "OUT!!" which she knows and then points the knife at her. Well on the knife was a piece of apple that flung off. Mom starts looking for the piece of apple, assuming it landed on the floor. Then she hears Savanah wandering aimlessly around in the dining room. She turns around to see Savanah doing circles furiously trying to nab the morsel of apple off her back which was just out of her reach.
This is about the time I hear suffocating laughter and come to investigate. Savanah is still doing circles looking at us like "you morons stop laughing and get me that apple!" and mom is practically doubled over with laughter in the kitchen.
So I do what every person with a camera does, takes pictures and a video, although it only lasted a few seconds I was too late. Ignore my loud obnoxious laugh at the end.

I hope everyone had a good Easter weekend and hopefully some laughs.


lisa said...

Boy, do I know how you feel, I am just starting to feel like my normal self after 10 days of being sick, still have the post nasal drip though! Hope you feel better and Happy Easter!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Savannah was very funny. I hope she eventually got that apple chunk off her back. Happy Easter.

Beth said...

Good pony! I am glad it turned out all right, even with a cold!

I have a part jrt, and that video so reminded me of her! lol Who can live without a dog?!?!

Oh and thanks your complement on my ass(es) :)

Breathe said...

Too funny - I'd never think an apple would stick like that.

Sydney said...

Well it's technically not a sickness but allergies. I feel a lot better this afternoon I cleaned the milkhouse so I can use it as a wash rack since it's got drains and did some trailering work with Indigo. She loads like a doll without any hesitation but once shes in there she paces and paces and paces and does a tippy toes dance because she's anxious. I am going to leave her in the trailer for an hour or so each day for a few weeks to see if there is any improvement.

Pony Girl said...

Indigo is such a good girl!!
Funny story about the apple on the back, that made me smile! :) Silly Savanah!
Hope your Easter was great.

Paint Girl said...

Cute video!!
Indigo is such a good girl to handle all that commotion! Brandy would absolutely freak out!

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