Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sh*t kickers

Yup. Thats what they are according to a certain someone. I think the name fits these boots.

A bit over a month ago I won a pair of Ariat boots from a fellow blogger Misha. I know you have all been heckling me to know what style I got. I will spare you on what size, I have big feet.

If I remember correctly the day I won those boots I was seriously having the worst day ever. I had horses walking through fencing at my barns, broke a hammer handle and got hit in the collar bone with the head of it and a whole assortment of other things that made me want to curl up in a ball and go back to bed before the clock even struck 10 am. But I didn't and when I got home I found out I won an awesome pair of boots of my choice (other than tall or exotics) from Ariat through Misha's blog!. Me!? Win something? Seriously? I never win anything.
I have to add here that this year has been such a lucky year for me so far I have been so fortunate to have such great people in my life and such wonderful things happening.

So as soon as I got the certificate (a couple week after I won the contest) I sent it away the next day au overnight delivery because it was the only one that had a tracking number.
Then I waited, and waited, and waited some more. Then I checked the mail, checked it some more and then...checked it again! After over a month had passed I was really beginning to wonder where the boots were. I had high hopes of wearing them to a few upcoming events. So I e-mailed Ariat's info desk, waited a week. Nothing. Hmm.
Finally I got an e-mail back with the UPS tracking number and I found they were shipped on the 18th of March and would be here on the 30th. Oh boy! Now I was excited because when I got the tracking number it was the 29th. I only had to wait one day.

So what pair of boots did I choose? womens heritage rough stock in antique brown of course. I know the neighbors now probably think I am just a little bit more loony, running around in sock feet taking pictures of my boots with a rope on the lawn.
I am not a fan at all of the "baby" boots. Probably because of the fancy bright colours, bedazzled look and the round toe. It's too "fashionista" to me. I am going out to ride my horse, kick some sh*t and roll around in dirt, not play princess cowgirl and not get good down and dirty. Dirty is what covers me most of the day, not coloured, prettified princess shoes.
So I stuck with the traditional cowboy...ahem correction, COWGIRL boots. Pretty, plain, brown, well worn looking. My sister and mom wanted me to get the "baby" styles mostly because they wanted to wear them, which means I would never see them. I will share these with my mother as soon as her foot heals from her surgery she got just a few weeks ago. She has already tried them on and confirmed they fit her and her insoles.
Speaking of princess shoes, I had to wear dress shoes twice in 24 hours for my dads best friends funeral. Only for an hour at a time each and let me tell you, these feet hurt right now something bad after that. Plus a 2 hour ride on a belligerent Indigo in these new boots, which need to be stretched because I have wide feet. Thats the only problem I have, the heel area is wide in the boots but the toe is narrow. Nothing a little running around in them and boot stretcher can't fix. Boy I would rather wear a pair of boots any day than get all gussied up and wear some high heels that hurt no matter what pair or size I put on.

See only their second trip into the barnyard and they are still looking new, plus a little dirt and dust and poop. They looked coming out of the box like they had been worn many miles. I love the look of the leather, the colour, the smell. Yes I have a bit of an obsession with smelling leather. I love the smell of freshy tanned leather. I could smell it all day but I had to be to class so I shoved these beauties on my feet and ran off to the city. I don't think the city folk would understand the smell of new leather or me randomly smelling my feet. I already get strange looks for other things I do, I couldn't imagine what smelling my own feet might make them think.
*sniffy, sniff, sniiiiiifffff*
I think Indigo was disappointed they did not smell like my other barns yet. She loves smelling my boots to see where I have been and what other horses miles away smell like.

Boy my leg looks a mile long. I mean they are like a mile long. I have the hardest time finding jeans like these that do not look like floods the second I sit down or on a horse. I also have a hard time finding *shoes* that fit my wide, big feet so I either wear mens shoes or go for boots. Mostly the boots.

After my long ride was done it was nice to be in a thin shirt riding in 75 degree weather or so. If the sun wasn't setting I would have ridden longer. None of the construction workers were down the lane because they quit early for the long weekend. What a nice day.


Jessie said...

Yee haw for the chit kickers! LOL Good style!! I wasn't really up on the babyfats, either, but I had a $100 gift card to Cabellas and that's all they had at the time, so I got a blonde pair. They're very comfy but ugly as sin :)

jane augenstein said...

Hey Sydney! I like your new boots!!
I have a pair of Fat Babies, not glitter or anything, they are rough tan with pink tops! LOL Most times no one can see the pink my jeans come way down over the tops. They are comfortable, haven't ridden in then but I see gals wearing them barrel racing.
I like your boots better, wish they had had them in the store when I was looking for new boots!
Nice, nice!!!

from my front porch... said...

Awwww, they look great Sydney! I love 'em :)
Now, think of the stories they will have to tell about Ireland!
xo, misha

Fantastyk Voyager said...

They sure do look nice and broke in already. I like a pair of good 'ol boots better than the "Baby" ones too.

Jayke said...

Mmm those look great! Ariats are definitely on my list of gear I need to get.

Sydney said...

Although these boots are kick ass and look awesome they could never replace a pair of good ol blundstones IMO. They fit me the best and I can walk miles and miles and miles and ride equally as many.

Rhonda said...

Ah, I enjoyed this post - I definitely relate!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Like the new 'kickers'. They look great. I love my Blunstones and they are the only boots I wear. Just so comfy and I have wide/big feet so any time I find a boot like those I never switch.

Shirley said...

Yeah, I'm in the big wide feet club too. Must be all the time running around barefoot as a kid :0)
I wear mens size 8 EEE. Wrangler makes some really good jeans for us long-legged girls; I usually wear Aura or Q-Babys. They come in extra long sizes, at least a 36" inseam.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Love the new boots! The pics are great, too. You look like a tall gal like me. It's always a challenge to find jeans that don't turn into high waters in the saddle.

I just had to return my Ariats today because they were just too big. I had the 9.5 men's size but they game me blisters.
So I cleaned them up and we exchanged them for a size 9, which do seem to fit much better. But I'm having the same issue as you: the heel is wide and the front is narrow.
I wonder if it would be the opposite if I could buy women's size...or would it be too narrow all over?

It stinks to have wonky feet.


Rising Rainbow said...

They look like comfy boots. Nice choice.

Janice said...

Those boots look comfy. I quite frequently go for mens footwear and jeans, not because I'm tall....I do have wide feet though now don't laugh because seriously it's true mens stuff is just plain and simply more comfortable.... and mens jeans do not try to climb up your butt and their footwear was not made to tortue.

LuLo Designs/Blue Eyed Tango said...

Wow that's a great thing to win! I have Ariat work boots and they're very comfortable. Hey did you receive my address that I emailed you a couple of weeks ago? Just wondering? Have a great day riding! I'm getting on Slick and maybe Teya.

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