Sunday, November 7, 2010

FYI- Some tack for sale

I do not like to advertise things like this on my blog, it's not my style.

Buuuut since so many of you e-mailed me just today from a comment I left on another blog about the tack I am selling I thought I would mention the things I am tossing up on the block because I would love it if someone could use this stuff more than the use it's getting (little or none).

Yes, I am selling my natural ride bareback pad with a few extra goodies. It's on e-bay.
I love this bareback pad. Yes you can mount from the ground. Yes you can trot, canter, gallop and even jump with the stirrups on and it does not twist or slide. It's as secure as a treed saddle.
However it does not fit Indigo very well and she makes it very obvious she does not like it one bit. It's been well cared for and some other goodies are going along with it like a breast collar, sheepskin fuzzies and a crocheted ear bonnet.

I also have a pair of brand new size 00 original easy boots put on a horse once but never walked in. Selling them as a pair.

And a Thorowgood griffin close contact (jumping, more specifically) saddle (does not have fish), med-wide tree and 17 inch seat. Girth, irons, leathers and bitted bridle included.

Once used likit snak-a-ball. Won it in a likit contest. Indigo did not want anything to do with it and Mr.pony was on the warpath to beat the living snot out of it.

If you are interested in any of these items please e-mail me with tack for sale in the subject or leave a comment here with your contact info (e-mail, blog etc).
Funds from selling these items will likely go into buying more crap tack I may or may not use.

If you have tack for sale and want more horse bloggers to know about it please also contact me and I will post it. I know it's getting near the holiday season and people are looking for tack items or looking to sell tack. I would love to help someone else out.


Breathe said...

ooo, link to your ebay auction!

allhorsestuff said...

Cool Sydney!
IF you could measure the Gullet of your saddle there, from point of contact on shoulder and the channel width-front to back. The pannel length fron to back. I may be interested in that. I have a "saddle box" if it sounds remotly close..i could send up to you to use to send back to me.
my e-mail is:

Sydney_bitless said...

Kacy- I will measure that right now.

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