Friday, November 5, 2010

I seem to have this effect on my subjects

(This ones for you haffie lovers out there because there seem to be many of you in the horse blogosphere)

canyon and cassie

I seem to have this effect on my equine subjects.

canyon and cassie

I think I have more pictures of horses yawning than doing anything else.

canyon and cassie

Especially Indigo. That horse just sees me and starts gaping her mouth.
It's sort of a routine. I hop over the fence, Indigo nickers. I say hello, Indigo starts yawning (right after trying to mug me to see if I am going to fork something over). It never fails.

Canyon and cassie

But really horses. For once can't you gallop or fart and buck or do something more lively?

Canyon and cassie

Ears forward?

Mike the little-big golden boy

I guess I will have to make do.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures!

Laura M. said...

They're adorable!

Carol said...

They are soooo cute when they yawn. I love the photos :)

My boy yawns a lot too... I once had someone tell me that if your horse yawns, it's a sign of colic. I laughed and said then my horse should have been gone a long time ago!

We are still doing fabulous with the Nurtural bridle. I am so excited in the hopes I will never have to stick a bit on my horse again!

Breathe said...

Beautiful, if sleep inducing.
;^() <--- yawn

Golden the Pony Girl said...

Loooove the haffies (also "The Noose" is my fave APC song :) good choice!)

Mellimaus said...

Lol, aww! Absolutely adorable :) great pics

lisa said...

I must never be in the right place at the right the time because I hardly ever get those expressions. I love your pictures!

Jeni said...

Love those adorable Haffies !!!!! My trainer just bought a 3 yr old gelding. Broke to be saddled.... wants me to ride / train him for western pleasure. She's NUTS !

achieve1dream said...

Those are such great pictures! Haflingers are so gorgeous.

Chrome yawns all the time too. I was wondering what that meant and looked it up. Somewhere I read that horse often will yawn when they anticipate something (such as being fed), which makes sense because when I go out to feed Chrome yawns constantly. :) I thought it was pretty interesting.

juliette said...

Adorable!!! These photos and your comments on my blog tell me that you are doing everything right! Relaxed horses that come to you after being little devils to catch - sounds like you are a good horse person to me!!!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Great series of photos! Did you take the last one too? Spectacular!!

Sydney_bitless said...

yup I took all those photo's.
The last one was actually an accident turned good.

allhorsestuff said...

Too cool, those are the best made me do it!

allhorsestuff said...

Okay...haha! What the heck do you mean by "Wide loads"?!
I maybe selling my Cashel "Soft Saddle", it is one compfy ride..but now, I'm really LOVING the ride of the "Thinline". Went yesterday on my mare(you were right about the difference too) and I thhink I'm in love. Ultra sweet ride. With my F.I.T.S. breaches on..there was nothing getting me off her! Even without stirrups!
Post ensueing, of course!
YEA...I would LOVE to go on a sweet and doddling ride with you...or a nice hand gallop down the straight roads. someday maybe huh~

Oskar said...

They're beautiful even when they make funny faces!

Nubbin wiggles,

Dreaming said...

Well, of course, you know I'd have to love the pictures because they are Haffies. But, the pictures are also great, regardless of the 'brand' of horse, because of the character you've caught in their faces! Great job!

Ed said...

LOL!! Love the manes on them..:-)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

ROFL! Great photos. You must be too boring for all your equine friends. hehe!

Apache does the yawning thing when she sees me, too. She also licks the air like crazy and can't wait to get her tongue on me. Silly mare.

The last photo looks like a painting. So pretty!


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