Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday stills: Me, Myself and I

This Sunday stills is self portraits, only this time they don't have to be self taken.

I do have to say I only have a handful of images that were taken of me with my camera since it barely ever leaves my own hands when it comes to taking pictures.

I will post a few images I have, and for every image I will tell you something about where I was and why it was taken.

This picture is probably my favorite. I asked my best friend Lisa to come out and take some pictures of me for a magazine I was published in. They wanted an author bio with a picture for their website. There were a lot of funny faces that day but this one was decent. Indigo and I were watching the neighbor try and fix a lawnmower that kept backfiring every couple minutes.

My Aunt Gaye and I were off to the Michigan Ren fest. I wanted a picture of me in my pirate costume. I guess it so happened you could see my tattoo (which is still not completely finished). That was a fun day, rain and all.

I was at my friend Amanda's parents farm a county over. They have chickens. I love chickens. I wanted to pet them and chase them around and feed them things. These chickens happen to like to be held and petted and all that non-chickeny stuff. I held it, it laid it's head down on my shoulder and hugged it back going "AWW! It's like a chicken hug".
In mild terror it pooped on my sleeve. Thanks.

I know, I know. Supporter of helmets not wearing a helmet. I am young and sometimes stupid. I am also apparently ignorant to self tanner at this point as my upper body and lower do not match. Not to mention the fashion statement of shorts and cowboy boots. Go ahead, scream, run, hide. I am a terrible person.

This is not my face. This is my boot. I like boots. I won these boots from Ariat. Indigo likes my boots. She always smells my boots. Shes a boot sniffer and sometimes a boot licker. Chances are if you know me I am almost always wearing boots.

My camera got commandeered by my friend Korinne. We were at the beach down the road jumping in the water like little kids and taking stilly pictures. I loved these blue ones until they met the tile floor. I need another pair of blue mirrored aviators. I must have another pair of blue mirrored aviators. Anyone who finds me a pair of blue mirrored aviators can have my first born, but not "the firstborn". AKA my leatherman.

This was me after I cut my hair last. Family and friends far away wanted to see how much I cut knowing I always have long hair. Everyone seemed to love this picture. I like it too.

When I went to get my tattoo done Lisa took my camera yet again and got the "why are you taking my picture" look. This is the "yes I am up to no good" face.

This was the last picture of me taken that I can recall. Korinne wanted to go on an adventure to the city. She needed a cheap compact camera and got a Canon cybershot (highly recommend them if you are needed a compact). I was crunching up ice from an iced tea I had bought as I drove. Notice the aviator trend? This is my last living pair of aviators. Funny enough I have had them the longest. I paid $4 for them. I desperately need a new pair. Maybe a blue mirrored pair?

This has been a lot of fun. Thanks to Ed for hosting a challenge every week. I hope it never stops.


allhorsestuff said...

What a totally cool array of photos!!!

I adore your mare, sniffing your boot! And you with"the look"at the tattoo parlor.
Thanks for the fun!

juliette said...

Fun photos - I like the first one because Indigo is watching the neighbor so intently.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

These are all so terrific! I love 'em!
The blue aviator glasses give a cool creative look to the watery photo.
But you know my fave is you hugging the chicken....the look of pure joy on your face...priceless!

Second fave is you sitting on Indigo in shorts and boots looking like a young girl in love with her horse. Awwww!


Ed said...

Well done, I always loose the expensive sunglasses and get rid of the cheap ones..:-))

Anonymous said...

nice photos! lovely smile :)

achieve1dream said...

Great pictures!!

Brenda said...

all of them are great shots! I too love Ariats! The mare shot is my fav.

Shirley said...

Well done Sydney! From one horse hugger to another, you did really well today. The haircut pic is great.

lisa said...

Great selection! You young thing you;)

Flo said...

What a great selection of photos. Love the first one - very nice.

Jeni said...

Great pictures Sydney! Love the pirate costume and you and Indigo pictures of course.

My son learned the hard way that my dog likes to chew sunglasses... chomped his aviators to bits!

Heart of a Cowgirl said...

The chicken hug pic is the best! Love that.

Sandy said...

Wonderful photos but by far the chicken on is my favorite!!

Jen said...

Great photos. I have to say I got a BIG laugh over the self tanner comment. During the height of summer I'm pretty sure I could pass for two completely different races if you looked at the top and bottom half separately. Then again, that would be why I avoid shorts like the plague *grin*.

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