Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rockin' and a rollin

It's been pleasantly warm here the last couple days. After almost a week of overcast we finally got some sunshine yesterday and today. It started to cool down and get windy around 3 pm so I thought yay, an opportunity to get the horses running around and get some pictures.

I let Indigo out, who normally takes the second barnyard gate at a trot and breaks into a canter or gallop by the end of the silo's. She walked out and started eating.

How boring. A hundred more pictures of my horse eating.

Then a whole flock of pigeons take flight from the empty silo and I am suddenly standing in the middle of a stampede.


Lead by Indigo, followed by Sheba, Sebastian then Stormy and finally Suzy bringing up the rear with that beautiful extended trot.

After they tore around for a bit it was time to roll in the sticky dirt the sun had created today.

A roll is only as good as the amount of mud you have covered yourself in.

Old farmers used to predict a horses price by how many times it would roll completely over.

See theres a pattern here, or rather more of a chain reaction.
First Sheba.

Then Suzy. I think she is enjoying it a bit shes got her lips curled, saying "oooh that's the spot"

Sebastian followed.

Last but not least, Stormy who had to express her enthusiasm for a good roll afterwards.
Not very lady like there.

Indigo did not roll, she was more interested in stretching her legs and eating bits of grass and stuff. When I called them in for dinner she was still clean.

Good white horse, good.


Jessie said...

Your white horse needs to have a talk with my white horse LOL My gray girl is always the first to roll!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Awesome photo captures! You've figured out that, with horses, if you only just wait, something exciting will happen that will help create a great photo. You did good!

Yay Indigo! She has a pretty head.


Jo said...

These are really good pictures!

Desert Rose said...

Just love seeing them out there romping and being silly!!!

Anonymous said...

Great photos - it's hard to catch them at just the right moment of rolling!

allhorsestuff said...

What a fun photo shoot!
It is funny too...Indigo leads the herd of "S" named horses!
I remember my mother telling us about the price of the horse as they rolled over and over $400 or $500 dollars was a lot in her we may convert it to thousands!
Thanks for that memory!
Glad you got a bit of too today!! YEA!!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Is Indigo feeling okay?? My white horse(s) always roll in the muddiest places they can find.

Those are some great running and rolling shots.

thecrazysheeplady said...


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