Saturday, January 2, 2010

Rolling in with the new year resolutions

2008 couldn't have ended any worse.
2009 couldn't have ended any better. Well maybe if I was riding a horse, but I gotta give them new years eve off see or they might go on strike.

09 was a hard year for more people than just me. I worked a lot more in 09, played a lot less. It was all business. I think back on Spring and Summer of 09 and I was all wrapped up in leading my 4-H group of horse crazy girls single handedly, doing weddings and working my butt off I never got to have friends trailer over and trail ride to the lake until October. Crazy.
Indigo got hurt pretty seriously in late Summer and went from being worked 6 days a week to standing still. I was so bummed about that. I had plans for our big show of the fall for her the week after she got hurt. I ended up doing great bringing a 4 year old, but it was still not the same.

I can't say I had a new years resolution for 09. I remember the end of 08 being so dark and dreary I didn't concentrate on anything other than working and school.

However this December turned out to be the best. Good company, great friends and a ton of fun.

New years eve last year I watched a bunch of friends and drove drunk people around. Nothing exciting I can hardly remember it.
However this year I went dancing with friends to good music and with excellent company and excellent music I had the best time and I think everyone who I shared the company with will agree, it was a great way to ring out the old and in the new.

The next day I ended up making a kind of spur of the moment trip to a tiny town almost four hours away. A town smaller than Harrow!? Who knew? Though there was a Tim Hortons 5 minutes from them so that makes them sort of bigger since I have to drive 20 minutes in either direction (doing the speed limit mind you) to get my caffeine and donut fix.

If new years eve wasn't cool enough new years day eve I got to go to Niagra falls, which I haven't seen since I was 14. The Christmas lights were beautiful but I think even more than the gigantic waterfall seeing a whole city lit up over a cliff near that little town that dropped off about 400 feet. I would never have guessed a city could be beautiful until I seen it lit up like that. Breathtaking.

If that wasn't good enough today I got to go to my favorite tack shop Pleasant ridge. They have awesome tack and even better prices. I ended up getting my much wanted Natural ride bareback pad, which is more really like a saddle. Although I am thoroughly pleased with it having ridden in one before the stirrups are not right on it. They should be adjustable but they are not, they in fact do not attach to the gullet of the saddle without easily being pulled off. Agh why me!? I can attach some English stirrups and leathers to it for a much needed ride tomorrow.

I also got some jump cups for my new jump project and a winter helmet cover that keeps my ears and neck warm plus a fleece cooler for $6.95! Holy bargian batman.

So like I said, 09 came in crappy and 2010.

I think part of the reason 09 was bad was I don't remember making one new years resolution. Not that I really ever made them before but I always had goals. None what-so-ever for 09. 08 was to get driving and get my car going which happened just before 09.

This year I am going to create some goals. Realistic that I can follow.

1. Get doing some riding lessons or at least get Indigo and I to a few clinics or shows.
2. Get my arse in gear and get a move on with making more money to move out and pay for school. I don't want to be living with my parents forever.
3. Have more fun. I clearly did not have enough in 09 since all I can really recall is working and more working and even more working with a lot of school in there and some riding and driving. I didn't do anything aside from going to belleville for two days and going to Wawa for a week as far as getting out of my county. I need to get away from work more often and enjoy being young wile I still have it.

I also need to work the beastie even though it may be cold.

"Who me? Work? I am allergic"

I swear I ride everyone elses horses but my own. I also have indoor arenas to ride those ones in. I have a resolution to ride her at least bareback around a few times a week, even if it's just at a walk.

What is everyone planning on doing for 2010? Big plans, little plans? Did Jan 1 2010 feel any different than Jan 1 2009? A whole decade has past since Y2K where my mom thought fermie 2, the nuclear power plant across the lake was going to explode and my aunt was in a panic filling buckets of water in her bathroom, just in case. A whole wonderful decade filled with a lot of good memories and a few bad ones but they are greatly outnumbered by the good. I feel this is the start of a great new year.


Jo said...

I'm super glad that things are so great for you. I am Soooooo proud of you! I know I have said it like a million times already, but I really really am. Syd your the best! Rock it girl!

lisa said...

My boss always said if you are going to own a stable plan on not having much time to ride yourself. I am glad that I don't want to do that but, for 2010 I am going to make sure that I keep up with my lessons so I can get over my fears and get back up on my own horses, and before the year is up I will make sure that I am riding my own horses everyday or at least 4 times a week! I have a long ways to go but I will get there!

Desert Rose said...

I agree the last decade has been full of turmoil around the world. Let's just pray that the next 10years are full of hope that may propell all to peace!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

2009 sucked! I'm glad to see it go. And it did seem to speed on by, eh? Even more so for you with being so busy with working.

You got some great deals at the tack store. I checked out the Natural Ride. Looks like a nice comfy set-up. I've always preferred to ride bareback, though I'm not sure I'm really a good enough rider to ride bareback. I just can feel the horse better and for some reason that makes me feel safer somehow. Everytime I've had issues with my mare and have lost my balance (or fallen off) has been with the saddle. Even the one time when she spooked at a dog while we were riding around the neighborhood and I thought I might fall, I didn't and I think that was because I could get my balance back better AND my mare could feel my blanace was at risk and she stopped moving immediately until I got my balance back.

Weird huh?

I hope 2010 is a great year for you filled with success, happiness and lots of good health and fun. I hope all your goals happen for you, too.

I've enjoyed getting to know you through your blog and look forward to another year following along. :)


jane augenstein said...

Me? I just wanna ride my boy more! :-)

allhorsestuff said...

WOW...nice links there!
I have a Cashel Soft is utmost in comfort. I did the right thing and got the "Converter leathers" so I may use my dressage girth too...I really dislike western latigos and cranking it unevenly to one side...and with out a does make the bareback saddle go askew.
I really want a "Baretek" that would be great.

I really hope that our 2010 is promising for you and your horses. Be here for you and with you!


Fantastyk Voyager said...

Here's wishing you a great year in 2010.

I really, really like the photo of Indigo in the field.

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