Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sunday stills: Sports

I really did not think I was going to make this Sunday stills. I was pretty busy this week.
If it had been in the summer no problem, theres sports everywhere. Winter is a whole other season.
Luckily I am in Canada.
Canada is "hockey town" and it just so happens my nephews play on our little home town's hockey team.

Last year my twin nephews made the select seven travel hockey team.
They got all of Ontario, only being beat once out of all their games that season. It was quite something as most kids go all through travel hockey and not once come close to all of Ontario, let alone only being beat only once on their way there.

Our town may be made up of just 3000 people but it sure holds it's own in sports and achievements for a -don't blink or you'll miss it- place in the boondocks.
I mean after all we do only have one stoplight.

The goalie caught the first and deflected the second. The opposing team was from a few towns over and barely touched home teams side of the rink.

One of my twin nephews, Seth was number four. He is the smallest player on their team but it doesn't get him down. Hes right in the fray smacking that puck around and skating like a bullet. He normally scores quite the few goals a season and recently got the most valued player award.Here he is next to the biggest player on the opposite team, who happens to be a girl. She is twice his size. Amazon child!

Zachery is very fast. He is lucky number 7. He got the most improved player award. He may not be as aggressive as Seth with the puck but boy is he fast on a pair of skates.I had a lot of pictures of him skating fast towards something. Seth was harder to get because he was always in the middle of a bunch of sticks.


In the end our home team won, 4 to 0.

Lets go Ram's, let's go!


Paint Girl said...

That is so cool! I am a HUGE hockey fan. We have a season ticket package to our local WHL hockey team. It is so much fun! I love how they bring the young kids out during the intermissions and let them play. It is so cute!
Great pictures and Go Rams!

Anonymous said...

super ivce hockey shots!!

Ed said...

Hockey and Canada go together like Baseball and the U.S.A. very cool..:-)

Anonymous said...

Very nice. :)

This DVM's Wife's Life said...

Looks like it was a great game!!
Good job photographing these as I know it is hard to do to get lighting and the white ice to balance out your exposure.

WildBlack said...

WoW! That was too cool :) Well done

Tammy said...

Good Action shots!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Great choices! Hockey is such a tough sport.
Ouch, on that faceplant!

Yes, hockey and Canada- like peanut butter and jelly. lol.

Sydney said...

Thanks for all the comments. I was going to go to a Spitfires game (two of the players were on team Canada you know) but I gave the ticket to my cousin instead. I can see a game anytime I want.

Jo said...

I like the pics! I didn't know our town still used the arena. I thought it was turned into a gym. But I don't go by the high school to see it tho.

Shirley said...

Love that second photo, that boy means business!

Sydney said...

Jo: No the arena is still doing really well the whole place has been renovated. There is a gym attached though.

Janice said...

Good post, nice action shots.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I had no idea that boys and girls could play hockey together. Cool! I've only been to two hockey games in my life, as you can imagine hockey's not too popular in the southwest desert. lol!
I love to watch it, though. It's very exciting!

Great pics. Go Rams!


cdncowgirl said...

I love watching hockey, especially the little guys and girls :)

Brenda said...

Great action shots! Love the shot of the girl - she looks tough! lolo and love the shots of Zachery - smaller but tougher!

gtyyup said...

Those kids sure learn how to hold their own! Our area is very much the same as yours...not a lot of folks...but they really support kids and sports.

Sydney...question on the Arnica. I could only find a cream at our drug store. When I put it on him, it seems like I'm only coating his hair (which is a waste) and it's not getting down to the skin. Would you consider shaving some of the hair away? Not to the skin, but about half of the hair length?

I appreciate your thoughts!

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