Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A contest!: Dreams


What do they mean to you? Be it the kind you have in your sleep or the waking ones you think about all day and somehow hope to achieve.

There once was a thing called the "American Dream" where the big majority of people dreamed of bigger, better, richer lives. Of course being (mostly) horse people here, we know it couldn't be said any better than how the Beatles described it: "Can't buy me love."

I've had a few people ask me what I would do with a million dollars. I give them the same answer every time. Give most of it away to some sort of charity in need and buy myself a little farm where I could have my own business with horses and farm life in general on my own property, rather than going to other peoples farms.
Of course I would still work. I love working and I couldn't see myself sitting around wile others did everything. I am very active, outgoing person. Nothing keeps me down for long.

But as nice as a million given to me sounds I do want to work for my money and would not feel right spending something I did not earn myself. I will make it just like the rest of the general horse owning, farming populace and work hard.

So having said that, tell me what your "American (Or Canadian for us here) dream is" How are you going to achieve it? Does it involve horses? Are you already living it? Give us the details here in a comment and you could win this lovely little bridle (or key chain, your call) tassel. Hand made by me the soft greyish mane hairs just about two inches long, heald together with little glass silver beads in a peyote stitch with the little "key to your dreams" charm.
It is intended to hang off the throat latch on your bridle but if you really want you could indeed use it as a key fob for the non horse owning populace out there.

To enter:

1) Leave a comment telling us what your dreams are and how you are going to use this bridle charm/key chain (1 Entry)
2) Be a follower (1 Entry)
3) Mention this contest on your blog and give me the link (1 Entry)

This gives you all a 3 entry chance.

Dream on everyone!


Yankecwgrl said...

To me, a dream (sleeping or awake)is a place where for just a little bit you can escape REALITY and think about what could have been, could be, or might be. It's a place where your imagination can run wild and free without slamming into that big brick wall with razor wire around the top called life!

How I'd use the charm....hummm...I'm not sure yet! I'd probably hang it on the rearview mirror of my car to remind me to chase my dreams!!

I'm a follower.
Here is a link to my blog post!

Beth said...

Anyway back to my dream. It has two parts. One to be at a healthy weight. Second to ride my horse with confidence. I believe that these two go hand in hand. As I get more fit, I will feel more confident in the saddle. Notice the emphasis on my, be that one of the two beasts I have now, or selling one or both and getting a more appropriate horse has yet to be seen. I want to ride my horse and have that feeling of comfort in the saddle again. And I will, I am determined. The beautiful thing about this journey so far is that as I have lost weight and work on my confidence to get in the saddle I find myself more confident in other parts of my life. As with anything sometimes I need a little reminder. What a beautiful little reminder this tassel would be to keep me going over the rough patches.

I am a follower and I did post about this on my blog Fearlessriding.blogspot.com

marry said...
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Shirley said...

I'm almost living my dream, happily married, owning some fine horses with two great dogs for companions- the only thing missing is owning my own place. Not having to work for someone else would be nice too!
I'd spend the million pretty much the same way you would.
The tassel I would probably put on Beamer's bridle.
I'll post a link today!

Sarah said...

I dream all the time of things I'd like to accomplish and do, as I ride around in this truck. My biggest hope and ambition is to have land enough that I can have chickens, goats, and horses and have the care of the land and animals be my job. If I can stick with the driving a few more years, we might be able to accomplish this! We'll see.

I'm already a follower of your blog and enjoy reading about the things you do and make.

Janice said...

Hmm, I think I sound like Shirley....no I'm not stealing her answer. I am pretty much living my dream. My business becoming successfulwould be good. A million dollars would be nice, I would have to give some away. I am already a follwer. I can't seem to link to you right now. The prize is beautiful I would probably put it on Mattie's bridle.

Sarah said...

here's my link


jane augenstein said...

Good post, Sydney!
My dream is to ride Gilly with more confidence, it's coming little by little. I want to go on trail rides in some of our beautiful parks and would love to have a trailer to take him there. Like Beth, I too am fighting with my weight, to get rid of some would help me be a better rider.
Also would like to have a better barn for my boys, the 140 year old one has seen better days.
I would hang the charm on Gilly's bridle to remind me to dream of long wonderful ride through the country!
I am a follower and will post on my blog www.janeaugenstein.blogspot.com
Jane and Gilly

gtyyup said...

Great give-away Sydney!

I've got to say that I'm living my dream...I have to pinch myself some days. A good man, great critters and a wonderful home beyond my wildest dreams. Life is good...but, I'm still seeking the illusive belt buckle win...it'll happen someday!

I already follow.

I'll post your give away on my blog!

dexmangoldens said...

My dream is to get back into riding horses. It has been about 10 years since riding and 15 since owning horses. I will accomplish by working hard and saving up money to take riding lessons.
I would put this charm on my rear view mirror and be reaching for it until I do achieve this particular dream. Then I would hang it on my purse and live to make another dream come true.

I will become a follower for sure!

My blog is http://dexmangoldens.blogspot.com

Thank you for offering such a unique charm.

Jayke said...

My dream…I've spent a lot of time deliberating on my dream lately. I'm actually getting a tattoo soon that will inscribe my dream on myself forever, so that I never lose sight of it.

My dream is to have a home, to have a partner who loves me. My dream is to be content with simple things, and not get wrapped up in the work-consume-sleep-work-consume-sleep cycle that many people in my profession get sucked into.

My dream is to have time to garden, do yoga, and ride my horse. My dream is to have every weekend available to be with my family, and to spread the word on issues I feel are important.

The tattoo I'm planning on getting is Ob-la-di Ob-la-da. The Beatles song perfectly describes my ideal life. Happy ever after in the marketplace.

If I were to win the bridle charm/keychain I would give it to my mother who has two horses (featured frequently on my blog) but who is going through some hard times right now due to the loss of a sister. I think it would really cheer her up and inspire her to get back on the horse.

Check out my blog at http://horselessnut.blogspot.com/

C-ingspots said...

New follower here, good post. Very cool bridle charm too!! If I won, I'd put it on my Harley's bridle and it could be his personal talisman. He's going blind and we can use all the help we can get. As far as the dream...I love what Jayke wrote and can heartily agree with most of it! I am married to my best friend and feel blessed, and I have a home with horses and dogs and cats...but I dream of having time to spend working on our place and riding and enjoying life instead of working 40+ hours every week and growing older everyday. Yep, my dream is to have more personal time, spent doing what I want to be doing...enjoying my horses and my homelife!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I'm not entering, just leaving a comment, because you've already done so much for me, and I want others to have a chance at winning something beautiful made by you. But I like to leave a comment both because I want you to know I've been here and because I like your topic.

If I was given a million dollars, my dream would be to buy Cedar Hill Equestrian Farm and donate it to Walkin in Circles Horse Rescue. The facilities would be the ultimate gift for all those unwanted, abused and neglected horses that WNCR take in, rehabilitate, find new homes for, or provide a respite retirement home for all those oldies but goodies who have dedicated their lives and served humans. They deserve it.

That's what my dream would be.

Great post, Sydney.

And I do love that fob. It's beautiful. I'm thinking of sending you some of Apache's mane hair to make me one, too.


Gail said...

I have no luck in winning. I did visit your blog and got some wonderful info on the color issue...makes good sense.

I am going to browse. Have enjoyed what I've seen so far.

Reddunappy said...

My dreams have changed a lot in the last couple of years. See I had brain Tumor surgery two years ago now, it has left me with quite a few lingering problems. But I am not here to whine about that, my new dream with my horse to to try the new competative trail competitions, my mare hates roundy rounds in an arena, but I think this would hold her attention, and be fun for both of us, if she didnt mow down all the obsticles LOL.

I would prabably clip the fob on my purse, I have a snap like that on there already, just a bare snap, it keeps my from loosing my keys!

Thanks for the give away, I will post it on my blog.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh and in response to your comment about the arnica. I had some sent to me after my surgery last year from Kacy, and it really does work. I've just not been able to find any place local that carries arnica.


Mellimaus said...

I have so many dreams, it's hard to pick one!
If I could, I would open a horse rescue...to save horses from slaughter, abuse, neglect, just being old...and if they were strong enough, to retrain them and re-home them. So many wonderful horses go to slaughter at auctions here, and it hurts me to see them...I always wish I could save them. So I guess I'd say that's my dream.

But I also dream of trying everything possible...I love training my horse to be versatile...jumping, dressage, flat work, trails, sidepassing, backing up, and I wish I could try stuff like reining and vaulting and roping...I think one day I will.

I would put the charm somewhere for safe keeping...to hang on my first car's rear view mirror. :)

Great contest!...who's mane is it?

Mellimaus said...

Oh, and I forgot to say...I'm a follower :)

Sydney said...

This has really turned into an inspirational post. Thank you all who have commented and participated so far. I really do love reading each and every one of your comments.

lisa said...

The key chain would of course go on my keys next to my gun key chain! I always read your blog and U sure are a very one of kind gal! You go girl.

Rhonda said...

Hello, I just started following your blog - it looks really interesting!

My "dream" that does involve horses would be to do SOMETHING involving horse therapy and kids. There's nothing like that around here. So there's definitely a possiblilty.

Since I don't have a horse at this point in my life, I'd use this beautiful key fob as a REMINDER of my love for horses and all things rural. :)

I was happy to mention your contest on my blog. Best wishes!


Paint Girl said...

I have a couple dreams, but hoping to make one happen in the next couple years, if I get some bills paid off. One of them is to gentle Mustangs and find their forever home. I would also love to operate a horse rescue someday.
Love the fob, I would use it for a key chain for my horse trailer keys! Oh, and I am a follower!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Wowee, look at all the comments!

I would love to win the horsehair fob. I would hang it on my rear view mirror so I could see it all the time as I am always driving...and it would remind me of you and your beautiful talent. I have been a follower for a while now and I will definitely give you a mention on my blog.

If I had a million dollars, I would go on a loooong around the world cruise with my sister and probably some other family members too. Then I would pay by bills and fix up my house with some much needed carpeting, windows, etc. and I would put some money away to take care of my horses in the future because buying hay is a problem for me every year.

I would give generously to local charities and probably set up a charity of my own, however, at this time, I am undecided as to which organizations. I am a "now" kind of person, so I don't see any use in dreaming about it yet...

Dunappy said...

Three years ago my favorite horse died. I got him 23 years earlier when he was only about 6 months old. About a month after he died, I had a recurring dream about a foal born that year with a very specific set of criteria. In June by accident I was led the a foal that met most of that criteria in my dream. She arrived not long after my birthday in July. Which was also almost the same time 23 years earlier I'd gotten the old man. So my "Baby Girl" is litterally my dream horse. The full story can be read here:

Anyway what I would do with that charm would be to hang it off the bridle of my dream horse every time we go for a ride.

And I"m already a follower of your blog.
And I posted a post about your give away on my blog.

Anonymous said...

I found you from Shirley's link. I'm living my dream, happily married, ranching and deciding each day what I want my day to bring. It's a mindset as much as anything and I believe we can be happy where ever we are. A million dollars would be a bonus of course but it won't buy health or make you happy. It would make life easier perhaps.

Golden the Pony Girl said...

My dream is similar to yours and a few others. Horse people think alike I guess? :)
My dream is to have a small farm on the land my grandmother left in the family when she passed away. Maybe I could support us as a biologist or a behaviorist(my two fields of study). My husband and I would have a house full of musical instruments and we would spend a good deal of time on our music. I want to subsistence farm, I want to grown a beautiful garden in the same dirt my grandmother did. I would have chickens and of course a horse or two! I would love to take on at least one rescue. I would like to maybe teach others about positive training methods....

I too crave the simple life of home grown veggies, bare feet, content horses munching, and music being played on a front porch. The good life.

E1izabeth said...

My Dream: Living most of it.... house wiht acreage and a nice barn, family, happy marriage, good kids, nice horses living on my place, good friends, $$ enough to keep the creditors happy, and time to spend with my family and my horses.

How:Working my ass off as a HS teacher until its time to retire, probably after Youngest finishes college (about 10 more years),
Horses: you betcha, part of that dream is to ride Gettsburg on my horses and go on a couple AQHA trail rides, and be a competitor in Ranch Horse Versatility, at least locally. I'm training a homebred mare that is a really good RVH prospect. Got a nice homebred gelding that makes a great trail horse for camping, or for freinds to ride that would tune up real nice, if needed. My stallion, Rodeo, is a darling, I need to promote him more, but he is the best minded horse I've ever ridden. So much try, and so much please, and all this on top of good bloodlines and confirmation. I love my horses, they are part of the family. Even my boys say Rodeo is the middle child at our house. Two comfort loving ridgebacks complete the picture and its my favorite time of day at teh end of it donwn at the barn after I've fed and the dog are who-rahing the sun down and the horses are munching, and the shadows are crawling down the hill and into the valley floor.

Reluctant Cowboy said...

Hi, I have been reading and enjoying your posts for a while. You have a lot of talent and you will do well.

I dream not of money or love for I have been blessed beyond what I thought possible.

My dream is acceptance and respect as a horseman. To be able to enter the competition arena and know this is where I belong. That I and my horse are good enough to give a good showing and leave it all in the arena when done.

I dream that the people around me achieve to their potential and can be humble by it.

Easy right...

dexmangoldens said...

When is the drawing/winner going to be announced??

Sydney said...

Friday night/saturday morning

LuLo Designs/Blue Eyed Tango said...

Hi Sydney, Thanks for stopping by. I thought I would come on over to see what you've been up to lately.

I'm pretty much living my dream. But I would love to travel the world giving a testimony of Romeo's miracle healing....and doing it on him of course...freestyle no saddle no reins! You're never too old right? Also helping people with training their young foals. Starting when young is the best way but I like all ages too. I would put the key chain on Romeo's collar of roses while riding freestyle on him.

Heart of a Cowgirl said...

I am pretty much living my dream, on a little ranch with lots of animals. I'd love to rescue more animals. I'd love to win your beautiful horsehair tassle and hang it off the throatlatch of my little filly's bitless bridle!

from my front porch... said...

After a long, long career in the equine biz, I am finally living my dream!
Got married to the man of my dreams,(five years ago) that I didn't think existed!!

Then we moved to east Tn to finally settle down. After spending years traveling and working all over the U.S. (I was so tired!!) it was wonderful to finally call somewhere home!

Bought 150 acres for us and all the "kids" :)

Every day I am amazed as I care for these 5 beautiful Arabians. I am so blessed to share my life with them, our three dogs and umpteen cats! And to share this joy with my wonderful guy...is just the best!

But, I do think my ultimate dream would be to have a foundation with unlimited funds to support every animal shelter as a "No Kill" shelter. But then the biggest dream would be that the Spay/Neuter program we volunteer for would be so suceesful there would no need, ever agin, to have animal shelters!

And animal abuse would be non-existent.
Yep, that is my dream :)

I love the bridle charm, Sydney! It is beautiful! I would put it on my fave bridle which hangs in a place of honor in our tack room.

Thanks for hosting a great giveaway and such a fantastic post about Big dreams!

xo, misha

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