Monday, March 1, 2010

A hairy situation part 2

Here is Part1. Refer to that post for prices and ordering if you are interested in a custom piece made of your horses hair.

This is long overdue. I was just doing so much it was hard to get this all together in a post.

Here are the two mirror hangs that horse lady *wink wink now you all know* will be getting in the mail soon. They have been done for some time I just either did not have the lighting to take pictures or I was running around in every direction at once getting stuff done.

She sent me a bead that was off something she owned when she was younger. It's a very pretty bead and the little chip out of it adds character. I am sure it has a story and lots of sentimental value behind it.

The other, well thats for someone special. I think she might have clued in by now.

I got a package last week from Lisa with some fun pay it forward stuff in it. Amongst the goodies (I love it all Lisa, thanks so much) I got a large bundle of black hair belonging to a horse that did not belong to her on paper but will always remain in her heart. Her neighbors horse, Rojo.
She said she did not want something to wear like a necklace or bracelet so I thought Rojo could help her keep her hat on when it's windy.

They are a set of stampede strings.
I have had a few people ask what stampede strings are. I am actually surprised more people don't know!
Stampede strings are two braided horse hair or even leather strings that are joined in the middle by a movable knot and put onto your cowboy/cowgirl hat to keep the wind from taking it away.
They are almost two feet long with two beautiful tassels at the end.
For those that might not have tail hair of their horse and want a pair of these I can braid them in leather and put MANE hair tassels at the end. Mane hair makes softer tassles but I use tail hair the most because that is what I normally am given to work with. Mane hair is difficult to make into jewelry.
I don't often get to make a set of stampede strings but they are probably one of my favorites to make. Even though this set is all one colour it has to be the best and my most favorite pair I have ever made. I can't stop looking at them they are so pretty. I envy Lisa for being the one able to wear these.
Now they are not finished as I haven't had time to put a button knot/ring knot or peyote beading. (what would you prefer Lisa? Both in black of course)

Lisa also sent me a little bit of her old mare Baby doll's hair to make her a pair of earrings.

Gee Lisa this post is for you isn't it? She is going to be getting a lot of horse hair treasures in the mail. I couldn't imagine anyone else more deserving of these one of a kind creations. I also have some plans for the rest of Rojo's hair but she is just going to have to wait for the mail to see what they are :P I can't give it all away.

Although they may look similar I haven't ever made the same thing twice. They are made of different horses hair, different braids, different people. I love it.

This one is all mine. It's my old mare Naigens hair. The turquoise rearing horse was from my mother last year when she went to Florida. I happened to find the gorgeous celtic knot cap ends in a pretty neat store downtown Windsor (the big city for all you). What a story a horse hair piece can tell. I still have a very big chunk of Naigens hair. I think I might make myself a pair of stampede strings. I don't yet have a pair anyway.



Beth said...

Beautiful! You are very talented and I love that everything has a meaning and reused.
I have some hair laying around I may have to get crafty and see what I can do with it!

Mrs Mom said...

Sydney, you are going to make our friend Lisa bawl- but in a really, really good way.

I truly admire your talent for this work! Thank you for sharing some of the stories with the rest of us!

Shirley said...

Lisa is a lucky girl, she is getting some beautiful wearable art. What kind of things can you do with mane hair?

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

I'm tagging you for an award on my blog, fyi! :)

Andrea said...

Oh my goodness, you are amazing! I love everything you have made! and Lisa is going to LOVE them all!!!

Sydney said...

I have never tried it but you can make horse hair rope, like mecate reins. I have a pair I bought they are lovely.
I do make tassels with mane hair, I can make a pair of earrings, key chains, shoo flies etc. I can braid it but it's gonna cost you double. It doesn't wear as well either.

achieve1dream said...

Absolutely beautiful!!

JeniQ said...

Very cool Sydney. When I was a 4-H a life time ago - I made a pair of reins from my Arabian's tail hair. Took me all winter to collect enough hair to make the reins but was well worth it.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Sydney (and Janice, too),

Ranchman John just ran up the stairs, worried and asking me, "What's wrong. Are you ok??"

You see, I was sitting here sobbing. Tears of sadness, tears of happiness. I'm just so overwhelmed with emotions right now. I can't even begin to tell you how very much you have touched my heart in such a big way. This past year has been such a tough one for me. And you all have been there with understanding, supporting me and encouraging me. Making me smile and laugh and feel so much better, too. I don't think I could have come through it all without you guys.

The stampede strings are so absolutely beautiful. I love them!
And I love that you decided to turn dear Rojo's hair into something that I could keep with me whenever I head out the door in my hat. Rojo deserves a place of honor, up high, in the same way that he used to always stand tall and proud. I still miss him so much even though he wasn't mine. I remember his soft eyes and his gentleness, especially around my daughter. I will always treasure those skillfully created stampede strings, Sydney.

And the earrings......oh wow! oh wow. I kind of tossed Baby Doll's hair in the box to you, at the last minute, because I wasn't even sure her new owners were going to be able to send me her hair at all. I'm so glad I did. Her new owners sent me some pictures of her the other day, and I was glad to see her all settled in and being loved on and ridden, too. But my heart still has an empty, sad spot that she once filled.

I don't own a lot of jewelry and nothing expensive, but you couldn't talk me into trading those beautiful earrings you made from my Baby Doll's hair for the most expensive pair of diamond earrings. I love them so much. They are already very special to me. You have such amazing talent, Sydney. Thank you!

And I don't want to forget Janice, too. Wow! The mirror hang is gorgeous! Right now I just have a dusty old dream catcher hanging off my car mirror. I can't wait to replace it with that stunningly beautiful horsehair mirror hang.
What makes it even more special is knowing the horses' hair that went into making it, too.
Texas, her old man, is near and dear to Janice's heart. He has the cutest little perky ears and the sweetest looking eyes I've ever seen. And Mattie, her lovely little black Morgan mare seems like such a lady.
I will always smile fondly and remember Janice and her beautful horses everytime I look at that Mirror Hang.

I'm just so floored. So overwhelmed. So touched by emotions of gratitude. I don't even think my words are adequate for what I'm feeling.

I just want to thank you......thank from the bottom of my heart, to both of you, Sydney and Janice, my dear friends.


Sarah said...

These are SO neat! Lisa is going to love all her goodies! I'm seriously envying those stampede strings...even though I don't have a horse to claim any hair from and don't have a hat to wear them on. However, I have intentions of aquiring both very soon. Saving your blog for future enjoyment, and also future stampede string ordering!

Jo said...


I likes!

Jo said...

I've heard that before.

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