Monday, March 8, 2010

The more time I spend in the city...

The more I want to be in the country. Like forever.

As you may have noticed I did not participate in Sunday stills last weekend. Why? I went on a road trip with my BFF Lisa to the big city, Toronto. It is about four-ish hours from here and a whole lot of crazy to drive in.

After my classes on Friday I went to Lisa's where we were going to catch a greyhound bus to Toronto at 2 am. See we had this all planned out totally winged this trip.

Our plan was to see the King tut exhibit at the AGO (Art gallery of Ontario). I bought the tickets so we knew we had to be at the AGO for a certain time on Saturday and we booked a Motel room. That was it.

We boarded the bus at 2 am and departed. I slept mostly the whole way, in one position. When we got there around quarter to 6 am I had some serious butt hurt from trying to cramp my really long legs out under the seat in front of me. *Note to self- actually drive your own car next time to avoid butt hurt*

Since the check in time at the motel was 2 pm or we would have had to pay for a whole nother day. So we had to spend the day wandering around the big city. We walked one way, then the other, then back the other way. This city thing sure was confusing. I think from Saturday until Sunday we must have walked downtown Toronto three times. Thats A LOT of walking with 50 pound bags and a camera bag. *Another note to self- Never become a bag lady*

We did play tourist.A fatty road cone.

A fire hydrant.

The gigantic Anubis outside of the AGO.

The white tower is the CN tower. I liked the big cranes. From our motel room I counted 8 of these cranes I could see. Since the turbines have been put up on our farm and neighboring farms I have found a fondness for these big powerful machines. How cool are they building up skyscrapers.

The exhibit was pretty cool. I love Egyptian history. I have to say this exhibit was more on statues than actual mummies. There was a sarcophagus but there but no actual mummies, which boggles my mind how they did that all those many years ago. If I had the chance to go to Cairo on a trip I would be there in a heartbeat.

They wouldn't let us take pictures of any of the art of exhibits so we made do with taking a blurry, goofy picture in the bathroom with Lisa's camera.

Long story short we probably walked for a good 3 hours looking for the motel room. Stupid us not printing out maps. *more notes to self- really invest in a GPS* The maps they had posted along the city were totally useless. We walked around aimlessly forever before we were cranky and tired and finally hailed a cab that literally took us two blocks over for $5 to the motel. I was never so happy to hand over five bucks.

Of course since I am such a big kid at heart I played with my camera remote and jumped on the bed after a much needed shower. Lisa kept yelling at me not to break the bed. It wasn't the most sturdy thing but I needed to hop around like an idiot. I mean I should learn, I broke my bed frame (the mattresses are now on the floor) by doing a run and flop on it one day. It came crashing down but I fixed it. Now it awaits the unsuspecting victim sleeping in the spare bedroom to flop onto it.

Then we passed out. Like deep, dead to the world sleep for two and a half hours before my man called us and asked where we were and if he could come hang with us.

I have to say at this point I have the best guy ever. Seriously he is a lifesaver driving over to only be drug around into all sorts of random stores in Toronto as Lisa and I shopped, and window shopped and oohed and ahhed at all the cool stuff. He drove us around in his truck (I love riding in his red truck, even if it is a Ford :P) with the guidance of good ol TomTom, the GPS.

We decided to go to the big mall nearby, or the Eaton center as it is called. I just couldn't get over that on a Saturday in Toronto at 7:30 pm that everything was closed!? You could walk through the mall but all the stores were shut up tighter than a drum. We went to the Hard Rock cafe for a burger and a beer and it was a good time but boy were we wiped by the time 9 pm came around.

We crashed and didn't really wake up until Lisa's phone alarm went off the next morning.
We wanted to go to another museum/gallery called the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) but it was closed too. Back to the Eaton center we went at 10 am. Can you guess? Nothing was open! What the heck. We waited around in a little cafe until 11:30 or so before everything started opening.

After shopping in the Eaton center we drug the man along with us up and down the streets and into random shops. What a trooper. Before we knew it, it was time to go home. What a trip. I was so city sick but it was so much fun. I can't wait to go back. Even though it's the city theres something about Toronto and the surrounding area that makes me want to keep coming back.


JeniQ said...

Toronto is a beautiful city - it sounds like you had a blast . I smiled at the picture of you bouncing on the bed!

from my front porch... said...

I am glad you had such a blast!

But, I always say...There is no place like HOME!


Shirley said...

Hey! Red Ford trucks rock! Looks like you had a blast, for sure worth missing Sunday Stills for.

Cathy Clementz said...

It looks (and reads) like you guys had the best time ever!! Thanks for sharing!

Sydney said...

I forgot to add that I never felt so in style wearing my blundstone boots. Every few shoe stores sold them and there were rubber boots everywhere!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

What a blast! Time with your special friend and your man, in a beautiful city such as Toronto a red truck, no less!
I loved the pic of you jumping on the bed. You're so much fun, even when you're tired. hehe!

I like to visit the city, too, but I could never live there. Before I got married my best friend was living in New York and attending college. I spent at least a weekend every month with her in her tiny studio apartment one summer. We had blast! But the difference between Toronto and New that everything stays open 24/7! haha!
We would get bored at 10pm or 11pm and head out to a cafe for food or to a bar for drinks and munchies.

Oh I almost forgot....that Anubis statue blew my mind! I might have missed your friend standing down there. wow! It's huge!


Sydney said...

Lisa- The more tired I get the weirder, crazier and wilder I get. I am a very outgoing person but when I do get tired I have a short fuse. I was the kid when I was little that would go all quiet and when mom came looking for me I would be in my bed fast asleep. Never had to tell me I had a bed time.

achieve1dream said...

Looks like you guys know how to have fun. :) Sounds like you had a great trip.

Sarah said...

That is an exhibit I would like to see! I bet it was interesting. And an occasional trip to the big city makes a nice girls trip, but I'd not care to live in one at all! The country life for me too...forever!

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