Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Monsters on the farm

After I was done all my work I went home contemplating crawling back into bed. It was such a nice, sunny day but I had the sinus headache from hell that I often get from allergies. It felt like my head was going to implode on itself.

After eating some food and looking out at the gorgeous afternoon I decided to grin and bear it and go riding.

I went out to find a sleepy eyed Indigo dozing in the sun with a whole heck of a lot of commotion going on just a hundred feet away. She didn't bat a lash at the big yellow monsters but neighed loudly when I crawled over the fence.
"Work you say? I am allergic."

They are putting in the hydro (electricity as you Americans call it) lines for the turbines and there were a few bulldozers zooming aroundA trencher digging a four foot deep trench on the other side of the bermDump truck's crashing loudly when they dumped their dirt, backhoes digging, construction workers barking orders at each other (and throwing large chunks of dirt at each other and even MOONING each other. I think I have seen enough white arse to last me a wile...Men).

FYI- since a lot of people have asked/mentioned these wind turbines are part of a project and do not supply power directly to the farm. They are not personal but rather feed power right into the grid for others.

I decided since they were working only a few feet away and they were not bothering Indigo so it was time for a ride.
I rode her 6/7 days last week having been at one of my barns I work at for a week. Then she got two days off. One because it rained and the second because by the time I was done my work it was school time and by the time school was done it was dark. Today she decided it was vacation. I hopped on her and right away she wanted to walk off as soon as I got my stirrup. So I got after her and she was not a happy camper making faces and swishing her tail so I made her work harder until she was behaving. Stood like a statue the second time I hopped on. Smart, lazy horse.

Then because I knew the construction was not bothering her I knew if she was spooking it was all bluff. She tried to act all tuff, trotting off when I applied leg to do a circle in the field. Big wake up call. I do not tolerate that crap, especially when I know shes bluffing for sure and not afraid of the big horse eating yellow monsters. 5 minutes later she had decided walking was easier than being put through boot camp. She calmly neck reined around the field for another 30 minutes before the sinus headache of doom got the best of me. Yes you can neck rein bitless because neck reining is indirect reining which means the horse moves away from light pressure on his neck. No bit involved as some believe of they would call it bit reining.
I hastily hopped off, un tacked Indigo and headed for the shower.

I was impressed once I got through to her that it was not time for her games she was so well behaved. The semi trucks dump truck was crashing loudly and I just about jumped out of my skin but she could have cared less. See Indigo, however well behaved people think she is, well she can be a pistol. Shes a lot of horse. She can be sneaky, goofy and sometimes expresses her pent up energy in inappropriate ways. Like bringing the man for a sleigh ride for the first time and she BUCKED on the sleigh just once when my aunt scared the bejeebus out of her and in turn Indigo scaring the bejeebus out of us. BAD INDIGO! Extra work for you.
But once she knows you mean business she complies without much fuss.

But now at midnight I need to sleep off this still throbbing headache. Oh how I love, and hate spring. Dear sinus headache of doom, kindly do F Off. The rain too, I can deal without that since the ground is nice and dry.


JeniQ said...

I completely understand Indigo's work ethic ! I have two just like it. Most recently they have both decided that the far door in the indoor is evil... ugh

Wait... you have DRY GROUND????? *blink* I am dreaming of such wonders!

Have a wonderful day

Sydney said...

Yeah it's pretty dry here. I rode all around and theres only a few spots I wouldn't ride. If the ground is flat it's dry.
However currently it's raining but not hard. Supposed to rain all day. Darn rain spoiling my riding plans.

Heart of a Cowgirl said...

Ha Ha - your "do kindly F off" comment made me laugh out loud! :)
Thanks for stopping by my blog to check out our new kitty - and yes, she has tried to bop the bunnies on the nose and got boxed right back. It's been very entertaining! I'll be posting more about their antics, no doubt.

Shirley said...

Nice to be able to ride with all that commotion going on. Hope you feel better now.

JeniQ said...

Hay Sydney - I've left you an award! Come on over and get it!:

Sydney said...

Ah thanks. I love that award.

achieve1dream said...

I'm right there with you on the headaches. Totally sucks.

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