Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Elaborating on a dream

If you all haven't seen the dreams contest please do check it out and enter.
Especially read the comments, they are the best part.

I never imagined that contest would turn into such an inspirational post. Everyone who commented had such meaning in their comments. We all dream, big or small they are what keeps us going. I want to hear a bunch more so keep those dream comments coming.

I realized hours after I had posted that I really did not explain my dream. After all I did write that at quarter to 6 am before dashing off to feed horses at 6 and let it post itself later.

I think Jayke described the essence perfectly.

"My dream…I've spent a lot of time deliberating on my dream lately. I'm actually getting a tattoo soon that will inscribe my dream on myself forever, so that I never lose sight of it.

My dream is to have a home, to have a partner who loves me. My dream is to be content with simple things, and not get wrapped up in the work-consume-sleep-work-consume-sleep cycle that many people in my profession get sucked into.

My dream is to have time to garden, do yoga, and ride my horse. My dream is to have every weekend available to be with my family, and to spread the word on issues I feel are important.

The tattoo I'm planning on getting is Ob-la-di Ob-la-da. The Beatles song perfectly describes my ideal life. Happy ever after in the marketplace."

This is the very being of what I want to be. Word for word I want the same (but not the same tattoo haha). Love, horses, and an ob-la-di ob-la-da life. Simple.
I want to work hard, but not be stuck in some sort of work-consume-sleep-work-consume-sleep cycle. I want to know love and security. To continue to know what it is like to love the simple things in life. Especially love. They say a person has two great loves in their live I already know who my first was/is and that is horses. They will forever have that spot in my heart, no matter what. The other, well thats still open.
I want to be able to use what I own, be it horses, knowledge or a farm (someday) to teach people.
I realized yesterday as I helped a boarder at a barn's niece learn how to pick out a horses feet properly that I miss teaching lessons so, so much. I just do not have the facilities right now or the horses for beginners (excluding Sheba but shes done enough to get around being a lesson horse all the time). I miss Naigen and the trust I had in her to allow anyone to do anything with her. She was such a good old girl.
Indigo on the other hand can be a good girl but shes a lot of horse. Not many could ride her and keep up with her like I do. Shes really a one woman horse and certainly not a mans horse. She can pull stunts when she thinks she can get away with things but on the other hand she is calm and reliable when it comes to really challenging situations, like the East Indian weddings we do.

I will always have riding dreams. In fact riding is always a part of my dreams.
As I have mentioned I have Indigo at one of the barns I take care of for a week of riding in the indoor. I love being able to ride every day. She hates it. Indigo is not a happy camper. She has been in a stall at night. She wants to be let out to be a horse.
The first two days I was there in the arena she was a total brat. Spooking at horses winnying, trying to walk off when I asked her to stand, going off at a trot at random. I really got after her and we had a pretty big argument. In the end I won. Then she tries to play this game where she ignores me. Acknowledges my presence but stays as far away as possible rather than her usual pocket pony, love me, feed me, pet me, attitude. Eventually she gives up and comes back saying "I still love you, love me, feed me, pet me".
Yesterday I rode her for two and a half hours bareback doing figure eights and serpentines with just my legs and seat. Then we worked one neck reining for the first time in probably 3 years. Shes one smart cookie and picked right up from where we left off.
I realize here bitless and hopefully bridleless will always be a part of my future. I dream and wish and hope in a few years bitless will be the norm and people will understand the anatomy of the horse and how a bit negatively effects so much more than the mouth.

It is after all why I started this blog. To realize my dreams with horses.

Oh and Happy St.Patrick's day.
Remember: Green beer makes for green barf.

I forgot to add this contest ends friday night whenever I get in the door and sit down. Probably late evening.


jane augenstein said...

Great post, Sydney! I hope all your dreams come to be. I also hope that all of those, including me, have their dreams come true.
Dreams and horses.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Those are great dreams. May they turn into realities for you. You deserve the best in life.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wonderful dreams my friend. Thanks for sharing them with all of us.
I would love to be so in tune with my horse that I could ride bitless and bridle-less, just off my seat and legs and inner connection and bond. Wow. How awesome that would be.

I hope your dreams come true, Sydney.


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